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Why Boudoir?

Okay, I'm about to get deep...

Why boudoir you might ask? It is funny that I would even consider being a boudoir photographer. I am a lights off kind of girl, a bit vanilla. It is hard for me to even look at my own reflection each day and actually appreciate what I see.

But I want to be seen.

Not afraid.

No holding back.

To be me.

I have been with my husband now for 20 years, since I was 18 years old. I was raised in a household where the female body was not celebrated openly. I grew up thinking my body should remain private and hidden.

Boudoir was exactly how I managed to be seen.

With my boudoir I can play in my studio and create images for myself, to be seen by me. Of course my husband benefits too.

Taking portraits of other women? Why do that?

I want to show other women their own beauty. I want them to...SEE. See what I see. I feel like boudoir is such a gift on so many levels, most importantly to the subject of the portrait. She can look at her portrait and not have to hide, not have to be ashamed, just be beautiful and be seen.

My own boudoir has helped me grow and accept myself. I hope to help other woman to be seen through my art.

I want to crush the idea that this is something that should be hidden, tucked away, kept only for yourself. However, a lot of my boudoir portraits do not show a face. This allows not only for discretion, but for a small amount of mystery.

One day when I reflect back on my own existence I don’t want to remember always hiding.

So, here I am...

You can be next...


What is boudoir?

To begin, most people have a hard time even figuring out to say the word, “boudoir”. I have a link HERE for you to hear it for yourself.

Historically, the term boudoir was used to describe a private suite a “lady” or upper-class woman would use as she pleased and/or spent with her romantic partner. Later, in the 1920's to 1940's boudoir was described as a genre of photography, typically shot in a luxury hotel or photographer's studio. These images typically were of a woman with implied nudity more so than explicit nudity. Basically, Boudoir Photography describes an image that is more elegant and sensual than an “erotic portrait”. Erotic Photography is not something I am interested in creating, however I compose beautiful Fine Art Nudes upon request.

What is your artistic vision?

My goal is to create images of you that are incredible. I want to capture in your boudoir portrait what I see, what others see, what most of us women do not see. For whatever reason, most women, including myself do not see ourselves the way we should. We have been taught or worse yet, conditioned to see our flaws. I want to break this cycle. With my own girls my goal is to make sure they see how beautiful they are. I want them to grow up strong and confident, knowing that they are beautiful inside and out. No more of this hiding. Time to see their beauty, my beauty and your beauty.

I will have several set ideas in mind for you that I will sketch out. Different lighting styles, different props and outfits. Basically, we get to play dress up in my studio. Before we play dress up, I strongly suggest having your hair and makeup styled by a talented artist. I have several suggestions which I will give you once you have booked your shoot.

Will you have to act sexy for your shoot?

To begin, you won't have to worry about being sexy. You might think this is odd, since we are creating boudoir portraits, but this is a true statement. I will be posing you in some of the most crazy poses that you will think are super unattractive, but you have to trust me. For example, if I ask you to raise your arms above your head, pop out your bootie, arch your back and bring your nose to the ceiling, you might be thinking, “What the heck!” But, doing this will create a beautiful image of your bootie and arch of your back. You will have to trust me and what I ask of you, posing will be difficult and then next day I pretty much guarantee you will be a little sore. The only time I will ask you to “wing it or act sexy” is at the end I try to capture images of you smiling and basically flipping your hair back and forth. The rest of the time I am literally posing you down to how you extend your fingertip. If you are doubting me at all, check out my “Reviews.”

Do you retouch my images?

Yes, I am going to give my clients all the same perks that the women on the fashion magazines receive. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, I am not the photographer for you. This might go against seeing ourselves for who we truly are, but if you want me to just be honest, I don't want to see my cellulite, and I am guessing you don't want to see yours either. Yep, I just wrote that! To me, it is like having your makeup/hair done, moving your face to the light and Short Lighting you to create a slimmer face, or standing up tall with good posture to reveal a more pleasing shape. So, yes, I will tweak you as you pose for the camera and again tweak you here and there in Photoshop. And I think you will be happy I did.

What do I wear to my shoot?

Are you wondering what you should bring to your boudoir session? If so, take a look over at this blog post please. xoxo, Jamie

What does the studio look like?

To see the transformation, be sure to scroll all through the images. I have to warn you, there are a lot! You can view these images via my blog for the answer to this commonly asked question. xoxo, Jamie

Should I go on a diet?

A tip to remember for your boudoir or glamour type photography, EAT! lol! I know that ALL of us girls, even the super skinny ones always want to look leaner, better, thinner, etc, etc, etc. Having said that, I am a FIRM believer in minor tweaks in photoshop to make us all look that much better! So, don’t put yourself through starvation for our photo session together please. For one, you do not want to be a cranky pants, you don’t want to get into a fight with your significant other before the session, and you don’t want to pass out in the car on your way to the studio! Also, be sure to drink plenty of water, your skin will look so much better! You will even find me being a water pusher during our session together! You need to drink during all that posing, it is not easy work! lol! Plus, I need to drink to avoid my usual case of photography induced dehydration! This constantly happens to me!!! xoxo, Jamie

How long does a shoot take?

The average shoot takes between 3 to 4 hours. Yes, this is along time, but oh so worth it! xoxo, Jamie

What can I do to prepare for my shoot?

You will want to call and book an appointment with a talented makeup artist, and lucky for you I have several I love to suggest. Contact me for that list please. Also, please please please do not apply self tanner or go get a spray tan. The camera will see you as orange, sorry...just the way it is. Take some time to buff your body, paint your nails, and be healthy. Nikki Gibson is one of my faves, be sure to check her out HERE. xoxo, Jamie

Do you create fine art nudes?

To begin, I want take a moment to tell you what fine art nude photography is. This type of portrait depicts the nude human body with an emphasis on form, composition, emotional content and other aesthetic qualities.

Yes, I do create these gorgeous images. The human form is beautiful, and I am happy to document it. I draw the line at vaginas will be in the shadows of the image. :)

More questions???

Random Boudoir Photography Questions

Q: Are you going to post my images? A: I would love to, but only will if you are okay with me doing so.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me? A: You can, if I meet your friend when we meet, but I suggest you do not. The reason is because your friend knows you, and you might turn into the person that is “known”, with don't know me and you can be whoever the heck you want to be in your images! Hope that makes sense.

Q: How long does it take to edit the session? A: Depends on the time of year, but typically less than 2 weeks.

Q: How many images do I get to see? A: I try to keep it around 20 images.

Q: Do you give Boudoir Homework? A: Yep, once you book your shoot, I will be sending you a little email with a few questions to help me create your session.

Q: I am super nervous about this shoot? A: Everybody is nervous at the beginning, but after a short while you will feel like we're just hanging out.

Q: Is it cold in the studio? A: Nope, I keep it nice and warm...goosebumps are not something I can photoshop. I will be constantly asking you if you are comfortable.

Q: Can I bring my own music? A: I would love for you too! Create a music playlist you love and we can blast it!

Q: When are your boudoir sessions? A: I only shoot boudoir M-F 10am to 2pm, except Wednesday's.

Q: Do we have to meet before the boudoir session? A: Yes, we will meet in a public location so both of us can get a feel for each other. No creepers allowed! Lol

Q: I have more questions, that you didn't answer!!! A: Please contact me via my contact page and I will be happy to answer them for you.

What is my investment?

A boudoir session with me will cost you $600. This will include the time I spend creating your session, the studio time taking portraits, the creative edit time, and 10 of the gorgeous prints in a matte box with silk ribbon. For more information please visit my blog. xoxo, Jamie