"First of all before I start babbling Jamie is beyond incredible. There's one thing to have a learned talent, but natural talent like hers is remarkable!!

I decide to do a boudoir shot for a surprise for my husbands 40th bday present! I wanted to do something out of the box (oh AND my comfort zone), this was the most personal gift I could think of.

I didn't know Jamie before this, we met & I knew RIGHT away this is the one, I cancelled all other potential photographers btw!

It took months for me to prepare! This may not be your case but I wanted it all planned out. Jamie was there every step of the way. I am not super skinny nor am I super over weight I'm NOT a super model by any means I'm average in size. I really thought boudoir was for the bomb shell tight butt women. I see myself larger than what others see me I am my own worst enemy(aren't we all a little?):).

I took the recommendation of a hair & makeup artist from Jamie, which was also fantastic. Since this is boudoir you want to go with a heavier application of makeup than normal as the flash eliminates some of your coverage. Well worth the money.......pamper yourself too! I thought I had waaay too much on but in translation from lens to photo... Perfect!!! I can't stress this enough even if your an expert at your makeup let someone else do it for you, you'll be so glad you did.

The shoot was long, but don't let this scare you it goes by in a flash, why? Because after your nerves settle down because your fearful of the unknown you start to relax laugh & HAVE FUN... You become EMPOWERED!!! Jamie is NOT judgmental... She is an artist & remember that's EXACTLY how she's looking at you! The shoot went flawless & moments into this shoot I felt like I knew Jamie forever. She's open to ideas that I had & help tweak them to perfection.

I know for me when I saw the actual pictures printed up I thought holy gosh is that me?! This gave me freedom, confidence & a sense of accomplishment. Again your body doesn't have to be perfect NO ONE is. Boudoir for me now is not about how small you are how tight your butt is how big your breast are but about empowerment & I do believe true beauty comes from the inside.

I really hope this puts any fears or hesitation aside for you in making your choice to do it or not... DO IT!! I think your search for your boudoir expert should stop here... Jamie goes above & beyond to making sure this is tasteful, fun, and upholds such professionalism.

The prints themselves are like little pieces of art... The quality of the pictures are exceptional. By far the and I mean THE hardest throughout this whole process was deciding what pictures to print!!! We will be enlarging two of them as well to adorn a wall in our bathroom. That may seem odd to you as your reading this thinking really but trust me when you see your pictures & realize that boudoir doesn't mean trashy penthouse you'll understand... Jamie creates art through a camera!!

And incase you were wondering husband was speechless & yes even caught a little water in his eyes with his beautiful box of pictures. His words, "best gift ever!"

Jamie, thank you for sharing this experience with me & making it so beyond comfortable and an experience I'll never forget your simply the best... Yes, BETTER than all the rest!

P.s. And yes neck out chin down !!"


"I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so comfortable at the photo shoot. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you made it just perfect and fun and interesting and I’m very, very happy I decided to go with you. It made me smile all the way back to Chico and to this day it makes me smile just thinking about it. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and such a beautiful end product - I shall remember my "65th" present to myself with great fondness."


"Jamie Solorio is amazing! I decided to surprise my Husband with a Boudoir photo book on our Wedding day, and went with Jamie because she came highly recommended by a friend. If you haven't done a Boudoir shoot, it can be a little overwhelming & scary, but Jamie was so helpful with the planning leading up to the shoot, during & after! She walks you through the process of planning your looks, from the outfits to hair and makeup recommendations which was so helpful. Then during the photo shoot, she was so professional, and made me feel very comfortable, relaxed & beautiful. When the photos came back, I couldn't believe how great they turned out! She is an amazing photographer! I ended up buying the whole album, instead of the smaller package I had selected ahead of time... My husband LOVED the photo book, I am so happy I went with Jamie for my Boudoir Shoot! I would recommend hiring her without question for your Boudoir Photography needs!"