Creative Boudoir Photographer based out of Redding, CA.

Welcome to my site! I am very excited to share my passion for boudoir photography with you. Of all the types of work I do (and I do pretty much everything but landscape) boudoir gives me the most freedom to plan and create the visuals I have in my mind. I love to add my artistic touch to all my images, but with boudoir I have the freedom to produce my most creative visuals. I approach the images you see on this website differently than I do on my portrait/commercial site. My goal is to create beautiful, sensual, portraits of my clients. I do this by carefully planning the set in my studio, lighting, poses, and mood of each image. Then once the images have been created, and while you are anxiously awaiting the results of your glamorous day spent as a model in my studio, I begin the process of “editing” each image. I use quotes on the word “editing” since I don't edit boudoir like I do my other images. I approach each image as I would a painting. I carefully illustrate each image. I use the photography we created in the studio as a canvas to which I add or remove light, using my virtual paintbrush to produce the final image. What I strive to produce is an artistic piece that is inspired by YOU and will show you the beauty that others see in you.

Who am I exactly? I am obsessed with all light to start! I can't even walk outside without thinking of how to compose that perfect shot, how the light is hitting certain things or better yet people. So, yes...I am that girl staring at complete strangers thinking about how I can capture that person sitting there, standing there, or running across the street in a Starbucks parking lot! Could be a little creepy, hope not! lol!

I am a 37 year OLD girl, who has a serious age complex…just ask any of my friends! Having always been the super tall awkward girl, I had a difficult time fitting in growing up. I often take boudoir images of myself in the studio to play and create new looks, but through this play time I have found it has helped with my self esteem, though, I have to is still a work in progress. Though I am constantly at battle with my mind as I see my reflection, I have finally found myself and LOVE being me!

I have a sexy, fun, and pretty perfect husband, Jesse. I say pretty perfect, since he does sometimes forget to take out the garbage. My girls are little angles from heaven, and they fill my day with a range of emotions. If you are a mom, you totally know what I mean! lol! Those emotions range from total utter joy, tears of happiness, short bursts of laughter after they say or do something totally crazy, to the dreaded angry moments. Luckily, there are more happy moments than not!

Basically, I am a very chill, relaxed person who wants to hang out with other chill people! I love it when a client ends up becoming one of my friends! However, if you are a “Princess” or think that there is a “Princess” that lives within you…I am NOT your girl. No amount of money is worth having somebody be crazy and suck the inspiration right out of me. So, having said that…my perfect client is one who is easy going, one who enjoys life.

Some of the basic little quirks of mine…are you ready? First, I wash my feet every night before bed…can’t stand the feel of dirt on the bottom of my feet. I love girl trips, cocktails, and couple dates…who doesn’t. I am constantly cold, it drives my hubby insane! In the car I have the heat blasting straight at me at 90 degrees and my hubby has his side set at 65 degrees. Another thing, I love Dutch Bros. Rebels with Raspberry and Lime or Kiwi, extra sweet! Drinking one right now actually! Hmmmmm…. I am a bit of a goof ball, dorky, and really like pizza…a lot! Oh, how could I forget? I am a total germ-a-phobe, so do not ask me to share my Rebel with ya! Right now I am totally into anything grunge like. Also, I might be in another dark phase... loving black, grey, and black. I often refer to myself as “the big girl” even though I am really pretty small in size, but super TALL… especially amongst my shorty friends.

So, hope that paints a some what pretty picture of me for you! Basically it boils down to having fun in the moment and enjoying everyone that is around you! I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day…

Check out this blog post and others on the 365 tab to find out a bit more. Hope you like what you see, and if you don't...I am not the photographer for you. :)

-Jamie Solorio