Thank you so very much Robbie and Melissa for letting myself and Brian come to shoot your wedding last weekend!  It was beyond fun and exciting!  Your family and friends are so full of love for you guys and each other!  Some of the moments captured during your wedding are my favorite of all time…they way people look at each other, you can just see the connection!  I wish you and Robbie the very most in life together!  Enjoy your images!

Oh, thought I would mention, this wedding coverage was not the usual wedding coverage.  We decided to shoot for 3.5 hours to begin, though events ran a bit longer…so, we did stay for an extra hour, but I am so happy with what Brian and I covered during that time!  Brian, thank you for being so rad.  So, here is a little quick break down of time spent during the day.  Brian and I got 30 mins with the groom and his men, 30 mins with Melissa, normal ceremony time, family portraits and bridal party portraits took some time…lol, then we only had 5 or so minutes with Robbie and Melissa.  After that dinner was served while Brian and I captured details and set up our lights.  Melissa and Robbie were then able to blaze through the normal post ceremony events, such as toast, cake cutting, first dance, and tosses! 🙂  Oh, and the rooms in the Elk Lodge where everybody got ready did not have a window for natural light…so I broke out the Neewer light and I feel that it was the perfect choice!

A list of all the other people who helped create Robbie and Melissa’s day will be listed soon. 🙂

Thanks again!

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