Avery turns one with her entire family!  Love how involved her grandparents are with bringing Avery up!  My girls are equally blessed, and I do feel that it does take a village of people who love their child/children {grandchildren} to help mold and create a loving environment with years of experience behind to help guide our little ones become amazing people.

Rob and Liz thank you so much for choosing me to document Avery as she grows up.  Want to take a look back to about 6 months ago, click HERE.  Love these purple flowers and you guys were my last clients to get to play in them with me for 2015!  They are short lived, but when they are here…I am all about packing as many shoots as I possibly can in there.  Though, I do have two more sessions to post from with this same gorgeous background.

Hope you guys enjoy your time together and take lots of pictures as little Avery grows…before you know it she will be 14 years old!  Believe me…it happens FAST!

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001_redding child portraits

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