So, this morning I was taking my usual soak…yes…I live a very privileged life and am beyond thankful for it!  I was looking out and saw the the truth below, the first image of the collage…my mess.  My dog hanging by my unmade bed, and clothes scattered about…the usual morning scene.  I thought it would be fun to document it and have it to look back on.  Not the perfect clean house we all want people to “think” we have, but the real home that we feel most comfortable in and love.

My normal morning routine.

This is me.


Jamietil 10 am project 365_california photographers

Each image actually has a special meaning to me.


1. The mess…it really is who I am.  But so many things I love right here…the light, pets, my grandfather’s chair, my home, my mess.

2. Toms…love these shoes, still wearing them even though my feet are starting to stink in them!  Plus, for some lame reason…I feel cool in them.

3. Fan Picture…the pictures on the side are of my family and I look at them EVERY time I walk down my hall.

4. Tea in the old pot…first, I love tea…2nd, the pot reminds me of my mom popping corn for me as a child/teen.

5. My dog…she just makes me happy…most of the time, yesterday…not so much…she ate three bags of calming treats and I thought she was going to end up at the vet.

6. My bed…that is where the magic happens with my incredible husband.  Yep, got a little teary eyed…joy tear!

7. Make up…holy cow, this is super important to me…you do not want to see me without it…people think I am ill if I do not have it on.  Pus, I love that Ralph perfume my hubby bought me.

8.  Picture of the picture on the fridge…Jesse’s dad gave me this and told me to think of some sort of desire/etc that I want to improve in my life…each time I look at it I think of that desire as a reminder to be better.

9. Phone with Watsky playing on the Bose…my latest obsession…check him out.

10. Mac…I love this machine and the SCREEN on it.

11. Wacom Tablet…need this for editing…a must.

12. Post it…my list, everybody has this.  As suggested by a friend, maybe a list of accomplishments since it is crazy old and I have not taken it down.

13. Made bed with the Mac set up Jesse built me…time to WORK.



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