caught reading to her stuffed animals  Okay, how cute is my daughter?  She really was NOT in the mood for mommy to be pointing her camera at her…yet again!  But, I finally convinced her to just finish reading her book to her stuffed animals and I wouldn’t bug her!  Yes, I did bribe her…told her she could lay on top of my reflector! The things we do to get our children to do as we ask.  Anyhow, I am sitting in our hallway peeking through the door as she is reading her Sponge Bob book to a bunch of her buddies.


The light was super low since the blinds were shut and the sun was down.  I had my ISO set to 2000, shooting with my Nikon 85mm f/2.8 at f/1.6.  My shutter speed was around 1/200th of a second.  Anyhow, since it was such low light I was having a hard time focusing on her and kept missing the shot!  So, I decided to play around with Nikon’s Back Button Focus.  I always forget about this useful little tool, but tonight…I didn’t!  Anyhow, to use this focusing technique I simply locate the “Back Button Focus” button on the back of my camera. On my D3, it is right next to the dial that allows me to change my shutter speed.  It does not say “Back Button Focus” it does say AF-On.


So, to get the shot… All I had to do was get my focus set one time by holding my shutter half way down, once I was locked on I held the AF-ON button down and could click away all I wanted.  Easy Peasy!  Now, since I was shooting with such a very shallow depth of field, I had to re-set my focus every time she moved pretty much. But, I would still be able to fire off 3 to 5 frames each time while holding down the AF-ON button.


This shot has a bunch of grain and isn’t as sharp as I would like,  however…I am happy with the result considering the super low light.  I want to be able to remember these little cute things are kids do for the rest of my life!  Which is why I will be PRINTING this image!  That is a whole other subject, but we ALL need to be printing our images!


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