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Adorable family playing in a local Redding, CA meadow. Wanting imagery like this for your home? Book your session today…

What things matter most in your child’s life?

Kristen Ivy, the executive director of messaging at The reThink Group, commonly referred to as Orange has created a list for us below:

  • love
  • words
  • stories
  • fun
  • work
  • tribe

Well, I like to encourage some of these things during my outdoor family portrait shoots.  As a family photographer in Redding, CA I am lucky enough to get to meet new families on a regular basis.  During these portrait sessions, I try to make it as fun and meaningful for each family member.  I want my prints specially created for my clients hung beautifully in their home, to reflect the love they feel for one another.

Yes, I do take some of the old school traditional posed family portraits, with everyone looking at the camera.  But I do much prefer the real life interactions.  Interactions like, a husband nestling his nose near the nape of his wife’s neck as he squeezes her tight and whispers something quietly, making her squirm with delight.  Or when a mother grabs her little girl’s delicate hands, looking deeply into her daughter’s eyes and telling her daughter how much she truly loves her.  Through my lens, I can see the little girl bubble over with absolute pure joy in hearing these very important words.  As you browse my photographs, you might just notice what I am speaking of.


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough – there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph.” – Robert Frank


My photographic goal:

My goal is that my clients will look at their pictures and remember that embrace or those words.   As the photographer, I curate situations that would make myself, my husband or my children happy.  And give that gift to my clients as I photograph them in real time.  We are so lucky to live this life, I want to capture the meaning of “family.” Then encourage my client to have those special moments framed and hung throughout their home to look upon regularly, as I do.  I know when I look at my photography hung beautifully of my little girls through the years scattered around the house, I always smile and recall those moments.  How thankful I am to have these pictures of love surrounding me at all times.


Thank you Leaverton Family.

I have to thank The Leaverton Family for choosing me for their outdoor family portraits.  If I remember correctly, they had not had their pictures taken for quite some time.  Even though it looks like spring in these photographs, it was the middle of winter and super duper cold!  I actually noticed tonight as I was creating this blog post, their son, Lucas has goosebumps in one of the images, poor little man.  Michelle, you did such an amazing job with the colors of your clothing.  You were so sweet during our shoot and such a great subject for me to photograph. Dan, you killed it…always smiling and playing along with whatever craziness I requested. Chloe, oh my…such a darling little girl.  Loved how she liked to be center of attention for some of my portraits.  Willing subjects are always a favorite of mine, especially beauties like her.  Again, thank you for trusting in me to take your family portraits.


Is a family photo session for you?

Are you wanting to document moments like The Leaverton Family?

Seeing your child’s eyes light up with happiness.

Feeling your partner wrap around you, and physically feeling their love.

Witnessing your child explore the natural outdoor environment.

These are moments Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA can curate and document for you.


Looking for your family photographers in Redding, CA? 

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