This is a mega overshare and a late, late, late blog post. And I don’t really apologize…for all of the images anyhow.  Mainly because I have come to really adore this family over the years.  Their outdoor Fall portrait session produced so many fun images in our scenic Caldwell Park of Redding, California.  The Kohn’s have been so chill and easy going, thank goodness!  Our first session together, law enforcement was called out and the Kohn’s even asked me back again!  It is a silly story…Isa, my daughter was sick that day and I had called Liz in the morning to tell her.  I told her Isa could just relax on a blanket near us while I did the shoot.  Well, I guess someone thought my daughter was abandoned or who knows.  Though, I am thankful someone was thoughtful enough to call for her.  However, walking over to us and asking if she was okay…could of saved the time of the ambulance and police officer.  Did make the portrait session interesting though.

This year Liz wanted to try some fall leaves, and I have to say it was very tricky.  The reason I say this is because it was a super rainy winter.  We actually had to reschedule the family pictures a few times due to weather and maybe even sickness.  I am usually always up for rescheduling when conditions are not great, and especially if anyone is ill.  Family portraits are an investment, it takes time to coordinate outfits and not to mention financially.  However, we went for it one day…even though the grass was still a little wet.  So glad we went for it, they were absolute troopers!  The yellow leaves were all over the ground at the park and it couldn’t of been more perfect. As for color schemes, the yellow and orange leaves went perfectly with Liz’s blue toned clothing.  So, if you are looking for some family portrait clothing ideas, be sure to take a look at their pictures below.

Want to take a trip down memory lane with the Kohn family?  In the past we had done the meadow session I linked above, a gorgeous purple flower session in a meadow, a lifestyle newborn session, and a beach portrait session.

What I love about family portrait sessions like this, is the true joy that is seen across their happy little faces.  One of my recent ideas was to use bubbles as a family portrait session idea…not to mention, children love bubbles.  Another family photo idea I had was to have Rob twirl Avery around above me as I laid on the ground trying to capture her joy in her father’s hands.  A picture I need to take of my youngest before she gets to big with her daddy.  I hope that they treasure these images and look at them often.  Liz and Rob actually print their images and hang them on the walls…which is really something…now a days! lol.  More people need to print their digital images, even cell phone shots.  For example, I had several thousand images on my cell phone, and someone stole my phone out of my purse hanging on my shoulder one night in San Francisco.  Funny thing was, a few nights before I had literally spent like 3 hours looking through all the old images and thought to myself, “I really need to print these.”  Literally 2 days later, my phone was stolen along with a year worth of photographs.  Oh, and of course I had not listened to my wise husband and backed them up via Google photos.  So, moral of the story, be like The Kohn’s…be happy and please print your pictures.

Thank you so much Rob and Liz for letting me take your family portraits here in Redding, California.  Caldwell Park is now one of my favorite places to take pictures in Redding.  I always enjoy seeing how the kids have changed.  Seeing the way you guys enjoy your littles and each other, really is something special.

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Oh, and then there was a little request from Avery…to take a portrait of her with her fancy umbrella at the end of the shoot. Done, and gotta say…love how darling this image below is.  She was really struggling with that cute umbrella and you can see it head to toe.