Have you ever googled your name?

I have. And this is how I discovered I was featured on WPZOOM as one of 10 inspiring sites using WPZOOM recently.


Wanna See?

My 15 mins of fame. You will have to scroll to the very very very bottom of this article geared for creative professionals, and there I am. Holding down the number 9 spot. Okay, so I might of been chosen as number 9 out of 10 websites, but I am okay with that.

Oh, and yes…WPZOOM’s article author, did call me a “he”. However, I will forgive him/her. Ha. Maybe that means I am a super great professional photographer, since I was referred to as a male photographer instead of a female photographer. #pressforprogress  #unisexnames


redding ca photographer featured on WordPress minimalist website for professional photographers



When I was designing my fashion website, I took a few things into consideration:

  • color theory
  • fast preview of my portfolio
  • minimalist classic design

I purchased the Tempo site created by the inventive Pavel Ciorici. His aesthetic design was exactly what I was looking for. It is exciting to also see my website as a Customer Example on their buy page.


That’s not all.

I was taught how to mirror a site by my husband, my fashion site actually. Trying to be a good little girl and not buy anything new, I found out that Pavel Ciorici’s Tempo website can be used more than one time, so bonus points. And Jesse was the man to help me clone the site, by doing it himself…with me watching.

Excited to announce that in the next few days I will have my commercial photography website up serving Northern California and anywhere a client would like to fly me. Hopeful thinking. Why not?

Speaking of saying something on the interwebs, one day I wish to live, work, play in San Francisco and New York. There…said it.


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