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Images not be suitable for work or with littles near by.

Why Boudoir?

Okay, I’m about to get deep…

Why boudoir you might ask?

It is funny that I would even consider being a boudoir photographer.

It is hard for me to even look at my own reflection each day and actually appreciate what I see.

But I want to be seen.

Not afraid.

No holding back.

To be me.

With everything that is going on today, I think it is important to be seen and heard.

Boudoir was exactly how I managed to be seen.

With my boudoir I can play in my studio and create images for myself, to be seen.

Taking portraits of other women?

Why do that?

I want to show other women their own beauty.

I want them to…SEE.

See what I see.

I feel like boudoir is such a gift on so many levels, most importantly to the subject of the portrait.

She can look at her portrait and not have to hide, not have to be ashamed, just be beautiful and be seen.

My own boudoir photographs have helped me grow and accept myself.

I hope to help other woman to be seen through my art.

I want to crush the idea that this is something that should be hidden, tucked away, kept only for yourself.

Thank you so much Karen for allowing yourself to be seen.

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