Cute Little Girl PlayingSo, I am still working on my {365 Project} or should I call it the {265 or 178 or 321 Project}!  Yes, I really WANT to take a picture of something meaningful to me EVERYDAY…but, some times that doesn’t work out perfectly for me.  It is easier for me to post quick little pictures on my blog here and there, so here one is.  This picture is of my youngest who told me in a very angry voice that she was, “going to sell her toys she doesn’t want anymore!”  Well, that is what she tried to do!  She sat at the bottom of our driveway and every time a car drove by she would sit and wave her broken bicycle flag like crazy!  I couldn’t resist the possibility of forgetting how cute and so Isa this was!  No, she doesn’t have perfect hair, matching clothes on, or shoes for that matter…but this moment is perfect!  I love that I can see the wind in her hair and the flag waving as the car drives away.  Hopefully, I do not forget the way her face would light up every time she heard the car approaching.  If you knew Isa, you would know that she tries to keep her smiles under wraps most of the time…so, when one sneaks across those perfect lips of hers….my heart just melts!




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