So, I recently learned about National Grandparents Day, which is every Sunday after Labor Day.  This year, National Grandparents Day will be on September 10th, 2017.  The idea behind this special day is to create time for grandparents and/or older adults share their sage advice with our youth.  While, their littles are asked to serve or do something really special for their grandparents.  A win win situation, if I do say so myself. An added bonus too, there is actual science based statistics with regard to grandparents enjoying time with their grandchildren, and how this can help with lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s.

Having said all of that above, please take a look at THIS super sweet family portrait shoot I did with Rob, Liz, and Avery.  Rob and Liz had invited their parents along to get some adorable shots with their little angel, Avery.  I thought this was such a gorgeous shoot, had to share it again.  I do feel these images of Avery with her grandparent’s will be treasured for many years.  Personally, I have an image of my Grandpa McCarthy holding me when I was just five days old.  This image two of us together and is especially cherished by me.  So, glad that someone took it.  I took a shot with my cell phone and placed at the bottom of this post.

Each Sunday we spend over at my in-laws and this Sunday I am bringing my camera.  The relationship my girls share with their Nonnie and Papa is so special.  I am thinking I will take the portrait while they are doing something they enjoy together, so that they can look back and remember that particular memory.  My youngest loves to play with her stuffed animals with Papa, so thinking this is a must have image.  Kya, my oldest, she and Nonnie like to pamper each other with facial masks and manicures, which would be a fun photograph for the two of them to share.

Below I have added some of my favorite portraits of grandparents with their beautiful grandchildren.  The love shared is so special and I am glad I was able to capture these moments together for them.  The top image might be my favorite and is so sweet, this little girl was about to leave the country, and you can just feel the love in that hug.  Really, they are all pretty darn cute. Real emotion…which is what I love to capture.

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My Grandpa McCarthy.  As I am writing this I am actually tearing up again seeing that smile of his.  I miss him so much. Thank you so much Mom for taking this portrait.

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