Just a sneak of a boudoir session I shot last week.  There were so many gorgeous images, this girl had curves for days and not to mention the most beautiful hair! Thank you mystery boudoir client for allowing me to post this one and possibly some more at a later date! Excited to share!

This piece of lingerie she was wearing is one I happen to have in the boudoir studio that can be used by my clients!  It was purchased over at Yandy, in a size small.  Currently I am working on building my lingerie inventory so that I have extra options for my girls!  Plus, having lingerie strewn about all over the studio is sexy and makes for a great set!  Speaking of sets, I hope to be building a new set tonight with my hubby!  It will be involving magazine tear outs of inspirational images, that way I can have inspiration at every corner of my room and a new sexy set!  That is the deal in here, each item in the boudoir studio has to serve two purposes to be allowed inside, due to limited space!

Thank you as always Nikki Gibson for doing this particular clients hair and makeup, you always do such a wonderful job…seriously!  Very grateful for you!

If you would like more information about booking a boudoir session with me, please take a looksie at my boudoir site.  I have answered most all of the questions I can think of, and if you have one not covered there, please let me know!  This way I can add it to the site!



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