Oh my goodness, this field is beyond perfection.  Seriously, we walked back there and there were like 30 to 40 black butterflies just enjoying the sweet pollen of the star thistle plants.  I would say this meadow is my all time favorite now.  However, I think it was just a good year for it with all the rain we had!  I will have to go back next year around that time to see!!!!  You should of seen the kids enjoy the butterflies!  It was actually magical!

Thank you so much you guys for letting me take your portraits!  This was a special shoot since Krystal is a mother of two and happens to work for the company Dignity Health.  I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to work on a few of Dignity’s campaigns!  Including this one, their Mothers of Dignity Campaign for Mothers Day.  I haven’t shared much of this yet, just because I have been busy and not blogging!

With the Mothers Day Campaign image taken with Krystal and her two lovely children, we decided to take a few others for fun on our own, and that is what I am sharing below.  How could I not resist taking a few pictures with a gorgeous family in a magical butterfly filled meadow…just can’t!  It was so fun, thanks again West Family!

Also, a little update… currently I have a billboard up on East Cypress near the old Raley’s for Dignity Health’s Ortho department!  Both sides and it is huge!  Really, I should go take a picture of it, since it is a big deal for me…first billboard!  You can watch my little video over on IG if you want HERE to see it!

Anyhow, I am so extremely grateful for the amazing people in the marketing department over at Dignity who gave me a chance, and you guys know who you are! (Amy and Monique)  Really, this is getting me closer to my end goals with photography.  Not that I want to give up the portraits that I do weekly, which I do love.  Commercial and eventually fashion photography is where I would like to be in the future after my littles have left the nest!  So, thank you ladies and Dignity Health for helping another mother get to fulfill her dreams.  To see the image Dignity Health chose, please scroll to the bottom of this post!

Human Kindness. 🙂



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