Oh my goodness, seriously perfect little angel.  This meadow is a new discovery, and I am thrilled to show these cute little images off!  Thank you so much Nick and Marisa for letting me take pictures of little Ava.  Love the custom head pieces?  Check out Heavenly Avonlee Couture to get your own.  This is such a fun age to photograph, especially in a field like this.

How cute is her little concentration tongue! lol!  The little things that we sometimes forget as our children grow up, which is why pictures…any pictures are so wonderful.  Must freeze that moment in time to treasure and look back on forever.

I do own two of these dresses and all the hair pieces if you decide you would like to create something like this with your little one. Of course, you could also have Cambria the artist who makes these bands create a one of a kind just for you too.

Oh, how I miss spring already!



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