Okay, yes…I am weird.

I do have a weird obsession with creepy clowns.

Yes, took my family to the park in Mt. Shasta and happened to have my lights with me and decided to play for a few mins.

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I played with my off camera lighting system by Elinchrom Quadra around sunset.  I tried lighting the clown using Ghost Lighting, Split Lighting, Short Lighting, Rim Lighting, and Broad Lighting.  I then tried changing my shutter speeds from super fast to let in hardly any ambient light to super slow to soak in the ambient light.  I also shook my camera with slow shutter to cause the trees blur out, along with zooming in and out during the long shutter speed as my camera was on a tripod to create a double face of different sizes.  Then I fogged up my lens with my breath to kinda try and make a eery effect, had to set focus first, since I couldn’t see anything once I huffed on the lens.  I also used all my different lenses I had with me to see the different distortions  So, all effects besides the color were done in camera, not Photoshop.  Fun test.


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