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Have you ever googled your name?

I have. And this is how I discovered I was featured on WPZOOM as one of 10 inspiring sites using WPZOOM recently.


Wanna See?

My 15 mins of fame. You will have to scroll to the very very very bottom of this article geared for creative professionals, and there I am. Holding down the number 9 spot. Okay, so I might of been chosen as number 9 out of 10 websites, but I am okay with that.

Oh, and yes…WPZOOM’s article author, did call me a “he”. However, I will forgive him/her. Ha. Maybe that means I am a super great professional photographer, since I was referred to as a male photographer instead of a female photographer. #pressforprogress  #unisexnames


redding ca photographer featured on WordPress minimalist website for professional photographers



When I was designing my fashion website, I took a few things into consideration:

  • color theory
  • fast preview of my portfolio
  • minimalist classic design

I purchased the Tempo site created by the inventive Pavel Ciorici. His aesthetic design was exactly what I was looking for. It is exciting to also see my website as a Customer Example on their buy page.


That’s not all.

I was taught how to mirror a site by my husband, my fashion site actually. Trying to be a good little girl and not buy anything new, I found out that Pavel Ciorici’s Tempo website can be used more than one time, so bonus points. And Jesse was the man to help me clone the site, by doing it himself…with me watching.

Excited to announce that in the next few days I will have my commercial photography website up serving Northern California and anywhere a client would like to fly me. Hopeful thinking. Why not?

Speaking of saying something on the interwebs, one day I wish to live, work, play in San Francisco and New York. There…said it.


Would you like to see more?

If you would like to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.

How to contact me?


OR via my website contact page,



This image came about via a request from creative, Robin Fator of The Redding Fashion Alliance.  Robin had asked me if I would like to create something for Redding Fashion Alliance’s newest window display.  She told me she was looking for something painterly and using the color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet.  Robin also told me that I could use one of Gini Holmes‘ Silk Kimono’s she hand creates in her studio.  Redding Fashion Alliance will hang this fashion portrait mid January of 2018, which has been printed as a 20×30 and will be mounted in a gold leaf frame.

This image was inspired by the great Peter Lindbergh’s portrait of Milla Jovovich featured in Vogue Italia 1998.  I happened to buy myself Peter Lindbergh’s book A Different Vision of Fashion Photography recently and fell so in love with this one image of Milla Jovoich. However, interestingly enough, I am not able to find that image online to show you…it seems to only exist in the book.  I do have a copy of it on my Instagram, if you would like to see it.  The light I created was similar to Mr. Lindbergh’s light, but different.  I used 3 light sources to create this photograph.  The main light was my Elinchrom with reflector and a purple gel.  The lights that shape her face in orange and blue were created by using my SB-900’s on slave mode.  I also took inspiration for the color of the light from my color theory book Interaction of Color by Josef Albers.

I knew which model immediately, Jennifer Mailhot.  We had trouble this week collaborating, so Jennifer was brave enough to cut a heavy bang herself.  Kya Solorio was our makeup artist for this shoot, and used Mac’s “Sin” lipstick with some shadow to create depth for the lip.  Dennis Luberus was my photography assistant for the shoot.  Rajneesh Kushwaha of RJ Retouch created the skin retouch and I did the creative edit.

Team Credits


August 3, 2017 in {Studio}

This weeks light test, thanks for Kya for helping me set light and modeling for me. 🙂  If you would like a shot with this lighting, please let me know.  I will be taking a few sessions on Friday, the 4th of August.  First appointment time will be 3pm.  For more information, please check out RealFake Magazine.




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Kendra, OMG, so stinking cute!  Eisla is beyond adorable, those eyes…those perfect lips!  Gorgeous!  Thank you for playing a little dress up in the studio the other day for her first birthday!  Great job bringing all the cute outfits!  They looked so great with Heavenly Avonlee’s headpieces on her!  Also, we have to mention little Mr. Easton, what a cutie and such a sweet child.  Really enjoyed having him in the studio as well for some portraits really fast.  He even allowed us to put on one of Gold Coast Goods adorable little man ties!  These are the little details I feel that make the styling that much more perfect!  Also, in the background I did use some of Dark Pony Designs tulle skirts as the backdrop.  Thank you to all the other creatives who have let me use their creations in the studio!

Can’t wait for our Fall session together in a meadow with more room to run! lol!  Though, I think it went pretty well in the studio…just they kept us on our toes, which is good! lol!

Interested in booking a photography session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.



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Cambria, oh my gosh…love getting to collaborate with you!  Your pieces are divine and I love getting to use them over and over again in the studio with my clients.  Anybody who is looking for that custom piece for a wedding, special event, or just for the simple reason of, perfection for your little girl must check out Cambria’s shop Heavenly Avonlee Couture over on Etsy.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Want to create a fun shoot like this for your special little girl with me?  If so please do contact me.  These are great for the rainy season we seem to be having right now, we will be in my warm studio with cartoons playing for your littles!  I developed a fun way to get my younger subjects to look where I want while Cambria and I were working together a few weeks ago with her beautiful girls.  To view other photography services I offer, please take a looksie HERE.

If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.



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Jackson turns one and below are some images of maybe the most photogenic baby boy I have ever seen! lol!  Thank you so much Shannon, Andrew, Jackson’s grandma…which I am spacing your name right now…sorry, I tend to forget names…and to Jackson.  Seriously, Shannon and Andrew, your child is beyond cute!  I refer to him as the new Gerber baby whenever I mention his shoots to anyone.

Shannon, thank you for the extra details you brought to the shoot.  Loved the little tassels for the background and the tie.  This really opened my eyes to needing more boy props for my cake smashes!  So, I have gotten in touch with a talented local artist by the name of Jan Kearns, she and her daughter have created a boutique bowtie business by the name of Gold Coast Goods.  She and I have decided to work together and I will be able to use some of her super cute bowties, be sure to check out their site.  Not to mention, once I have those ties in my hands, I will will be getting little matching background tassels for future shoots.  So, thank you Shannon, I really appreciate you!

Want to see little Jackson grow up before your eyes?  Check out Shannon’s Maternity Session, Jackson’s Newborn Session, and 6 Month Baby Session.  It is always such an honor to be asked to take someones portraits again, I feel very lucky to get to do what I do.  Seeing someone grow right before my eyes and the love that is shared between one another.

Looking forward to our spring Family Portrait session in the purple flowers once they bloom!  Which I am setting a reminder right now to take a drive by there tomorrow!  I noticed in town that a lot of the white flowers are starting to bloom!!!!!

If you are interested in a Baby Cake Smash session like this, please contact me.  To view of my maternity work, please visit my blog category Maternity HERE.  To view other photography services I offer, please take a looksie HERE.  So excited we are finally having some sunlight!  I am so ready to enjoy the light again, I have been a bit of a vampire recently… 🙂




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So, first things first…Kya, you are beautiful.  There are more images of Kya, but since it does show the nude image by Helmut Newton behind her, we decided not to show those images since she is a minor and my daughter.  A bummer, because they were really cool…oh well…sorry Kya.  Also, wanted to thank you to both, Kya and Robin for helping me test light yesterday before Chloee came over.  Kya took first shift of testing light until I got it the way I wanted, and then Robin came over to drop off the necklace featured in the shoot.  So, I tested one more time with what I had with Kya on Robin, just for fun.  I really like the image of Robin below…it make me curious.  Incase anyone wants to know, Kya was super sick while I tested light and Robin was on way to the gym.  She was wearing the fur to cover workout outfit.  Love it.  Which almost tells it’s own story of a woman hiding behind her fur/clothing in comparison to the contrasting nude behind her.

I wanted to do something that involved Helmut Newton for this weeks light test.  Helmut Newton is a very edgy erotic type of fashion photographer, considered one of the very greats.  Plus, the other night I watched his films, not for the first time either, as I worked.  I was intrigued and wanted to try create an editorial look that was ‘provocative, erotically charged’, like Helmut Newton.  Wanted to make it very clear, that the image of the nude woman is not my work, it is a still from a frame in his documentary Frames From the Edge.  Also, starting 1 June 2016 the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin will open its new exhibition, Alice Springs: The Mep Show | Helmut Newton: Yellow Press | Mart Engelen: Portraits, where you can see some of these ‘amazon women.’  

I do think that Chloee’s images as gorgeous as they are, might be a little too sexy vs editorial.  Not that this is a bad thing, but after I looked at my test images, I realized that I think that a more serious sensual editorial type image is what I am looking for.  As the photographer I should of seen this and pushed for a more editorial look that I had envisioned and I need to spend a LOT more time studying Helmut Newton’s work.  Chloee did such a wonderful job, this is not her fault at all the images were so sexy, just a lesson for me.  So, something I need to look for when I am shooting. Good lesson to learn, which is why I really like these weekly tests.  Every time I test I am never happy with my result for many reasons, but I do really like learning from these mistakes. Though, I am still a little conflicted because this shoot was based off a necklace by Dark Pony Designs called ‘Nasty’.  So, is it too sexy?  Hmmmm…. Having said all of that, Chloee’s images are a good representation of boudoir type of images I like to create for women.  You can check out my boudoir work over at my other site  Solorio.  I still love taking boudoir images as part of my normal portrait business.

To see Chloee’s sultry vampy images please visit my other portfolio over at Jamie Solorio.

Shoot inspired by Helmut Newton video ‘Frames From the Edge’.  Image of naked woman projected is by Helmut Newton.



‘provocative, erotically charged’ taken from Wiki with reference to Helmut Newton.
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October 20, 2016 in {newborns}, {Studio}

What Nick wrote the night after his daughter was born, “Jess gave birth to our beautiful Baby girl last night.  Scarlett 6lbs 13 oz, 20 inches long. She stole our hearts at first glance, We couldn’t ask for anything more, she’s perfect. I’m so proud of Jess who did a natural birth, so strong and brave, I love you both!”  Scarlett was born October 1st, 2016.

So, as many of you know…I do not like to do sleepy newborn portraits.  Why?  Well, let me tell you why…I have a super anxious nervous energy around them and they can sense it!  So, when my friends Nick and Jessica had their baby, I thought I would give it another go.  So, here is my attempt with Jessica and I working together as a team to pose perfect little Scarlett.  I am reconsidering doing ONE sleeping baby shot possibly in the future, we shall see.  Jessica, thanks for deciding to take me up on the offer last minute like that!  You looked so glowy and gorgeous!  Motherhood fits you!

What I do love to do is take First Night portraits at the hospital the night he/she is born or Lifestyle Newborn portraits once settled in at home.  Of course, we always have to begin with a little fun maternity session!



Seriously, those eyes!  NUTS!  He needs to be a commercial baby! That image with him and the suspenders…his expression is perfection! Thank you so much you guys for allowing me to take Jackson’s portraits!

If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.


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