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Okay, yes…I am weird.

I do have a weird obsession with creepy clowns.

Yes, took my family to the park in Mt. Shasta and happened to have my lights with me and decided to play for a few mins.

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I played with my off camera lighting system by Elinchrom Quadra around sunset.  I tried lighting the clown using Ghost Lighting, Split Lighting, Short Lighting, Rim Lighting, and Broad Lighting.  I then tried changing my shutter speeds from super fast to let in hardly any ambient light to super slow to soak in the ambient light.  I also shook my camera with slow shutter to cause the trees blur out, along with zooming in and out during the long shutter speed as my camera was on a tripod to create a double face of different sizes.  Then I fogged up my lens with my breath to kinda try and make a eery effect, had to set focus first, since I couldn’t see anything once I huffed on the lens.  I also used all my different lenses I had with me to see the different distortions  So, all effects besides the color were done in camera, not Photoshop.  Fun test.


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Love a happy, chill and good looking family…makes for the best portraits!  Thank you Matt, Star, and the boys for allowing me to take your family portraits again!  I had so much fun with you all!  Loved your willingness to play and have fun!  Also, thank you Star for the behind the scenes image of me taking a portrait of your boys playing in the grass!

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So, for those of you who know me…I am crazy busy all the time.  However, lately I have been needing to play with light…my escape!  Kinda the way you might crave chocolate or whatever your indulgence might be, playing with light is exactly that for me.  Yesterday, Kya, my insanely beautiful daughter had saw a tutorial on Instagram with a flat iron pencil curl technique, and was inspired to do her hair differently.  Oddly enough, Amanda Fator had actually created this look a few months back in the studio with model Robin for an editorial a team of us are working on.  You can see those image HERE.  Anyhow, I asked Kya if she wanted to be my model and I would try something new out on her.  She was game.

For this shot, I was inspired by an image shot by MARIO SORRENTI of Milla Jovoich.


Yes, my light is not exactly the same, but I do like the result and experience.  I first looked at the different light sources in this image and tried to recreate it myself.  My hubby filmed a little phone video for me to keep for my notes, and also to share with anyone interested.  Thank you for taking time to view!  You can do so HERE on my Youtube channel, I do plan on putting more videos there if you would like to subscribe.  Oh, in the video I mention that my inspiration image was by Roversi, when really it was Sorrentini.

Shot with my Nikon D4 using a 50mm f/1/4 at f/3.5  ISO 1250 1/60th of a second.  I used two Neewer light wands.  Which I have a video on those as well HERE.

What I learned.

  1. Need to get some Neutral Density Gels to have more control of the light.
  2. If I had moved Kya closer to the wall, maybe I could of gotten more of that orange light to spill on the background.  I feel like I could of also angled it a bit more towards wall too.
  3. That I get cranky if I don’t figure it out right away and get the image that I have in mind to show up SOOC! (straight out of camera)

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Okay, thanks to those of you who took time to view our video!  (BTW, if you decide to watch the video…once you get to minute 4:35 skip forward to 10:37.  What you miss is me popping of lights and adjusting, nothing exciting.)

So, thought I would give you all the DL here and it will work as my notes as well!  Win! Win!  Model today is Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs, who happens to also style my editorial shoots that I have been working on in 2016.  Today’s practice was a concept I came up with using my Holga, which I was inspired by watching Jeremy Cowart on See University.  The idea was for the viewer to see the multiple possible moods our character struggles with.  While at the same time featuring the designer earrings by Danijo, called Frutilla.  First concept was to have me photograph this image five times using a tripod and then compositing in the faces so each face showed a different mood within the kaleidoscope image.  We decided that this was not going to work, because the Holga has no way of focusing on the person, it is more of a shoot and this is what you get kinds of special effect in-camera.  We found through trial in error, that the image seemed more in focus when I was a bit closer to her.  Which we were fine with because it shows off the earring more.  Problems though, we can not see emotion on the top three face images.  So, our idea of having multiple moods would be very difficult for our model, Audrey to covey just through the eyes…especially three moods.  So, we had come up with a new way of displaying the moods, which we did and like better, but are just keeping that quite for now!  Muh ha ha haaa…got to save something for the editorial!

If you want to learn how to light her face this way using one speed light on camera technique with crisp chin shadow, please check out my tutorial called, Light Play.  I gave exact settings, etc.  For this shot we used the lighting I tried on model Bailey Gurell the other day, which you can see a a version of here and here.  We decided to ditch the blue background we originally were seeking out in the video for a more moody dark one.  How did we decide this?  Well, once my Elinchrom flash did not pop off and we saw the resulting image and liked it.  That is the great thing about testing light technqiues in The Lab!  Learning something new or an improvement for the final outcome.  I did use the magenta gel wrapped around an SB-800 Nikon SpeedLight powered at 1/2 power in manual on slave mode to rim the earring and separate Robin from the dark background.  Slave mode as far as I understand is what “they” call it when the speed-light is firing off when it see’s the main light source pop off…aka…no trigger needed!  I also used a mini strip bank by Roque on camera right of her face to illuminate her earring at full power, but I ended cropping the ear out of the frame.  I am still going to set that mini strip bank light up day of the shoot, since I do not want to mess up the light ratios.  Then camera left we decided to go with a red gel to carve her cheekbone and light the earring a little, but not loose the orange in the earring.  That red gel light was at full power as well.  The main light on my camera, also set at full power, set up like the other light tutorial I mentioned earlier.  ISO 80 and the shutter was 1/125th.  F/stop is created by the Holga.

After looking at this test image, I will be putting black gaffer’s tape on the back of Audrey’s ear for the shoot, that way it does not glow red like Robin’s does here.  I also might tone down the rim light magenta flash.

Thanks for taking a second to check this all out!


jamiesolorio-dark pony designs-oscar de la renta


So, been trying to improve my lighting techniques in 2016, along with building my commercial site.  Have shot some amazing things that I can not wait to share too!  However, we are playing the waiting game right now to see if we can get any published.  However, I can totally test light and post these images…so, last night I did not have a shoot, and I decided to text Bailey’s mom/manager, Adrienne Gurell to see if I could use Bailey to test.  Much rather test with a model then my awesome mannequin dog, cool as she might be…Bailey is better.  Anyhow, I was inspired by Terry Richardson‘s portrait of model Cara Delevigne and wanted to see if I could figure out his lighting technique.  To do this I had to break down the light, and this one was actually quite simple with a little thought.  I looked at the catchlights in Cara’s eyes and saw that there was just one light source and it was right in the middle of her pupil.  This told me that, I think, he used a speed light on camera and blasted it right at her.  I tried exactly this and it worked!  After looking at what I created and Terry Richardson, I did see he had a nice glow on her cheeks…not sure if he had reflectors or something on each side of her.  I had missed that originally. Bailey had to keep her nose pretty much straight at camera as I liked the shadow best under her jaw line and arm when she was pretty flat up against the wall.  Looking forward to using this on future fashion, boudoir and senior sessions for more variety in what I create for my clients.

Image shot with Nikon D4, using my Nikon SB-900 speedlight.  Used my 85mm F/1.4 at F/8 ISO 80 at 1/80th of a second.  My flash was on manual, powered at 1/4-0.7EV with my light spread at 24mm and around 6ft away from Bailey on the wall.  I wanted the cheeks a little more defined, so Bailey and I hung up big black boards on either side of her face so the light wouldn’t bounce around. The speedlight was at the 90 degree angle mounted on my flash mount.  Edited in Photoshop Camera Raw first, and then brought into actual Photoshop for touch ups.

Thank you so much Bailey for allowing me to test with you.  I think you are a great model, and I hope you make it big in the industry!  If you would like to see her other image I liked, please visit my other site Jamie Solorio.  Curious…which one do you like best?


Jamiejamie solorio bailey gurell fashion editorial model

I am super excited to announce a collaboration with Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs, Mariya Krutikova, and Amanda Fator that was published by Flawless Magazine.  Our editorial submission was titled Neon Noir, a concept that Robin and I came up with one day.  We pulled a team of talented people to help create our vision.  Mariya was our makeup artist, Amanda was our hair artist, Jesse my husband was the photography assistant along with video, and Elevia Ritchie was Robin’s assistant.  The story we wanted to share was that of classic black and white meets bedroom chic. Break all the rules with fashion’s biggest trend for spring 2016, lingerie for beyond the bedroom.

Below I have some of the behind the scene images I shot while everybody got ready and the video Jesse made for us!  He also helped me make my new commercial website called Jamie Solorio if you want to take a looksie!  I have 3 other shoots to post that haven’t been released yet! Can’t wait to build more!  Baby steps!

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Thank you so much Claire for letting me take your portraits the other day!  Such a great find, this little berry tree! lol!  Anyhow, I think you are adorable and loved being able to take pictures of such a tall, thin, gorgeous girl…model like! 🙂  Great job with your outfit by the way!  I recently created a senior fashion board for my shoots, and this looks like it will make it to the board!  Thank you!

As far as senior portrait outfits, I love looks created by Free People,  Urban Outfitters, Forever 21…and there are more and more…I could go on and on!  I am totally up for LOTS of outfit changes, I honestly get bored quickly and like to change things up!  So, bring tons of outfits!  I love layering along with jewelry!  The worst colors to pick, incase anybody was wondering are reds, bright oranges and corals…they cause the color to bleed on the subjects skin…which is not ideal!  I like to have seniors pick outfits based on what the scene is they want to be photographed in.  So, if you are wanting whimsey in a field, think little white cotton dress.  If you want edgy urban, think of campaign ads for Zumiez and others fave stores!  I recently found this great blogger, who creates cool outfits, be sure to check out Emana Lukac!

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One of my fave families to photograph!  You might ask why…let me tell you!  They are so fun, kind, and HAPPY…not to mention, they always put that little extra effort forth!  The outfits were perfect!  Love the hair pieces, jewelry, skirts, matching…but not crazy matching!  Perfection!  Tony and Laura are so chill, which always helps the session move along without freaking out the littles! lol!  As soon as a child senses that a parent is getting upset, it is no bueno!  So, thank you Tony and Laura for always just going along with the crazy fun!

So, I thought I would include this particular family portrait session to the Tutorial section of my blog.  I loved the colors and textures Laura picked out!  I know this is not an easy task, she even told me she kept coming home with different outfits until she found the perfect look!  I might even make this blog post part of my information I send out to all my families looking for portraits…think I will right now! 🙂

Enjoy those girlies you guys, they grow up so fast!  Such joy is present in your family, I love being able to capture it.

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Today is Day 1 of teaching Kya photography, and hopefully one day she can become a successful fashion photographer…pretty sure she is will.  Anyhow, I recently picked up Roberto Valenzuela’s Picture Perfect book and read his Prolog explaining how he created this book and the importance of completing each lesson.  I took this to heart and really wanted to continue reading through the first section to get to the next exciting part, but instead I lent it to my father in law, Steve for him to check out, since he is an artist.  Why?  Because, I actually wanted to complete each task before I allowed myself the reward of reading the next little bit.  So, it has been 2 weeks and finally I made time to actually start looking for geometric shapes in the environment.  Well, I had been since I read it, but this time a camera was involved.

The camera was in my daughter’s hands this time.  I thought it would be awesome for me to just look around and “see” differently than I typically do when I am shooting.  Not that I don’t look for these things, but on a paid job I never try something new.  I also want to pass on my knowledge to Kya, so she can benefit in life and have an amazing skill that will surpass mine.  See Kya, my goal in life is to make you better than me…Isa too!  I know you both will be!

Anyhow, to get these shots Jesse and I sat Kya down in the living room for about an hour and taught her how to operate the Nikon D7000, our family camera.  She caught on pretty fast and we were ready!  Not to mention that she looks at my photography all the time and is always open to telling me what she likes and doesn’t like about it, which I love.  So, she already has a pretty good idea of what a good photograph consists of.

We headed down to one of my childhood fave spots that my parents used to take me as a little girl for ice cream.  Plus, I know there are lots of geometric patterns there and this would make our challenge that much more obtainable!  So, all four of us looked for geometric shapes and patterns in the environment and took turns talking about what we saw.  Then I would quiz Kya and ask her where her subject should be for great composition, where she should meter for the shot, and any other little thing I could think of.  We also worked on problem solving and using natural reflectors.

It was an awesome day and I think that she might of enjoyed it as much as I did!  My fave picture she took is the 18th picture down.  I gave her very little input for this image and she created some crazy stellar composition!  Makes me super excited to see what she does next!

Isa and Jesse hooked us up with some yummy honey sticks for the local organic grocery store.  That def helped while we just hung out waiting for Kya to get her composition and exposure.  It did take about 15 minutes per image, after I explained to her what I saw.  That might seem  like a long time, but I didn’t mind at all.  I was enjoying every moment of it and watching her figure it out.  Plus, it is super crazy…she was able to produce what I had visualized and explained to her in camera.  Couldn’t be more excited…super nuts!

I did choose her best images and edited them for her.  Thought it would be nice for her to just take on one task at a time, that way she can really practice one thing at a time.  We are still working on geometric shapes in photography, and continue to do so until we complete Roberto’s suggested lesson.


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Uh….love love love this session!  Thank you soooo very much Jessica and Coral for taking the trip from Junction City, Ca for our maternity session together!  Also, special thanks to your nannie, Madeline for helping keep track of little Coral and flipping dresses up to get that dreamy look!  We made it through the heat, with the help of some rice paper!  These little papers really did the trick in Redding’s heat!  She was able to dab away any shine and/or moisture without removing all her make up!  I am so going to recommend this to all my clients for now on!  All clients…think of family portraits, senior portraits, weddings, you name it in this Redding heat…it is nuts!  Tissues just get white fuzz all over your face and these little rice papers are the ANSWER! lol!

So, I am now in love with these dresses that Jessica brought to our session!  She bought them over at TAoPan online!  I am definitely going to purchase one for my next maternity session! 🙂  The gowns looked so gorgeous on her!  She also used one of my my friend, Cambria’s creations from Heavenly Avonlee Couture of Etsy, the little floral belt with tutu portrait.  Just incase a mother to be sees one of these portraits and wants to create the same look for her shoot!

Can’t wait to hang out again Jessica, this time with your camera in hand!  It is so great to meet somebody who loves photography as much as I do! 🙂  Anytime you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!  That also goes for anybody out there!  If I have time, I have nothing to hide!  I want to share with anybody with a passion for photography!  When I first began my photography adventure, I remember asking the best in town…Heather Armstrong a question, which was really scary for me because she is THAT good!  Anyhow, Heather was kind enough to invite me into her home and answer my question!  I want to be like that for others, and not to mention…I love to share with other creatives!  Thank you again, Heather!

Okay, thanks again Jessica for being so gosh darn gorgeous and sweet!

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