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When is the right time for your Maternity Portrait Session?

Monique pictured above is due in two weeks with her and Neal’s second child.  The right time is when you say it is, to be honest.

A few things to consider for your shoot:

  • set your appointment to make sure your belly is big enough to tell you are really pregnant
  • make sure to take the temperature into consideration, if shooting outside
    • Redding is HOT HOT HOT in the summer
  • think of the amount of energy you might have
    • if you wait too long, a shoot could be exhausting
    • sometimes doctors order less activity later in the pregancy


What type of Maternity Photography Session are you wanting?

Featured above is a Lifestyle Storytelling In Home Maternity Photo Session.  What is great about these type of sessions is they document real life, curated a bit by me of course.  I go into your home and usually shoot in several rooms throughout your home.  We can even do some outdoor shooting as well, especially if we set your session time around sunset.


What exactly is Lifestyle Photography?

Per WikipediaLifestyle photography is a kind of photography mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people in different times. Thus, it covers multidisciplinary types of photography together. A lifestyle photographer is not only a portrait or people photographer and loves/enjoys photography as art in everyday life but is believed to be talented in photography that can also do well in other many disciplines of photography at a time such as landscape, street photography, fashion, wedding and even wildlife with one’s unique vision to inspire people’s life.


Are there other types of Maternity Portrait Sessions that you offer?


I offer Outdoor Maternity near Redding, California.  Traveling to different locations that are particularly special to your family or just something you want.  For example, the linked shoot with beautiful Reesha and her boys was exactly what she was looking for.  She wanted to start alone with a Free People look around the lake and end in a meadow with her boys.

Also offered is a dreamy studio shoot, such as the one I took of Mo and Neal with their first born child.

A total of three types of Maternity to choose from…

  1. Lifestyle Maternity
  2. Outdoor Maternity
  3. Studio maternity


Thank you Barrow Family.

I have to thank The Barrow Family for choosing me for their maternity/family portraits in their beautiful home.  Lucky for me, Neal and Mo are friends, so it was a super awesome way to spend the night.  How often do we see someone so close to their due date, like Mo, look so dang good.  Neal, you are a lucky man.  Enjoy these moments before your newest addition arrives.  Loved the snack cookie break with little Mia, so stinking adorable.  Have Neal give me a text when you are in the hospital starting your labor.  I want to come up for about 45 mins and document The First Night.  These first moments I feel like are so very important to document.


Is a maternity photo session for you?

Are you wanting to document moments like The Barrow Family?

Seeing your child enjoy the touch of your growing belly.

Feeling your partner wrap around you, and physically feeling their love.

Documenting the life within you.

These are moments Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, CA can curate and document for you.


Looking for your maternity photographers in Redding, CA? 

Please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.




Thank you so very much Reesha for making the trip from Junction City to allow me to take your maternity portraits in our gorgeous forest located in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area of California.  Also, loved the stunning wreath you purchased from Anderson Florist, a suggestion I made in another blog post some time back.  Have to say, these little touches do make all the difference in the world for your images.  The burgundy dress is one of mine that I bring for my maternity sessions, and it looked so beautiful on you, the wreath matched so perfectly.  However, I was in LOVE with your Free People white lace dress you purchased just for this shoot.  Free People happens to be one of my very favorite brands ever.  Your geometric tattoos also added such a great vibe to your images, so happy you were my subject for the evening!

We decided to do the forest, lake, and then a meadow with Reesha, her man Matthew and handsome son, Phoenix.  We stumbled upon a brand new meadow for me that had such a magical little clearing, perfect for the remainder of our shoot together.  Phoenix is such a loved little boy, it was so apparent as I took your pictures.  Those little in-between moments were the ones I liked the most.  Matthew, the love you show for you family really was so sweet to capture, they are so lucky.

Congratulations on your newest addition to soon be here!  I hope that your labor is calm and peaceful with your doula.

If you would like to view my portrait portfolio you can do so HERE.  Or if you would like to see my most recent work via my blog, you can do that HERE.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Please be sure to click the ‘Read the rest of the story’ below to see all of their images.


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OH MY GOODNESS!  You both are so stinking cute and your little dog too!  Did you hear the reference to Wizard of Oz with ‘and your little dog too?’ lol.  It is late, sorry…this is what happens!  Anyhow, first things first, your home is gorgeous and I can feel the care put into making it very warm.  Thought it was adorable that your home matched your puppy perfectly!  Thank you Meredith and Anthony for allowing me to pop in the other day for a maternity shoot.  Loved all the details, such as getting an image with your pregnancy craving, Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream…so perfect!  When you mentioned your fix, made me recall my own while I was pregnant with my first born, Kya.  I used to get off the graveyard shift and hit up Winco down the street from my apartment in Chico.  I would get my Ben and Jerry’s too, and hop up on the countertop and just eat until I felt like stopping.  I wonder how many other women have done the exact same thing! lol  Also, really liked that you allowed me to play around to get that shot of you getting the ice cream from your freezer, I really like that one.

Franky’s room is so so so so dialed, as my daughter would say, “totally tumbler.”  I can tell you guys are ready for this next big step in your lives together and that you both will be wonderful parents.  Thank you again, I really enjoyed our time together!  Meredith, have fun with the recent bed rest, sounds like heaven to me, but I am sure it will grow to be a bit boring after some time.  Be thankful for your baby shower gift from your hubby, Anthony…nice new Mac laptop.  However, it will nice to have all that time before little Franky arrives.

Good luck with labor and delivery!

To see more of Anthony and Meredith’s maternity photography session, please be sure to click the Read the rest of this entry … at the bottom of this page.  Oh, and how could I not mention Brittany Baer of The Gild who did such a fantastic job on Meredith’s makeup!  Thank you for always being so great Brittany!

If you are interested in a Lifestyle Maternity Portrait session like this, please contact me.  You want to make sure to have the shoot when your tummy is the perfect size, just like Meredith in this shoot.  To view of my maternity work, please visit my blog category Maternity HERE.  To view other photography services I offer, please take a looksie HERE.  So excited we are finally having some sunlight!  Makes me want to get out and shoot!


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Andrea, oh my goodness…so gorgeous!  Thank you for allowing me to take your maternity images!  We visited Whiskeytown Recreation Area of California for the portrait shoot which happens to be one of my very favorite places near Redding!  You were an absolute natural and loved the extra effort you made with the beautiful floral wreath created by Anderson Florist.  Thank you also Wendy for helping us along the way!  To view entire post, please scroll to bottom of page and click the ‘Read the rest of this entry…’

To anyone out there that is wanting this type of session for yourself, I do have all of the outfits featured here.  Or you can have a custom one created by Dark Pony Designs, Andrea’s bare belly images were featuring one of Robin Fator’s designs.  The floral maternity wraps can be purchased over at Heavenly Avonlee Couture, I do have the ones featured on the blog post.  Cambria the designer of these head and wrap pieces is really amazing.  I actually have a shoot I did for her a few weeks ago I need to blog, it is so beyond beautiful!

To see more of my maternity sessions please click this LINK.  If you would like to see my other works, please click HERE.



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October 27, 2016 in {maternity}

Some of the sweetest people I have ever met, Nick and Jessica thank you so much for letting me document this special time.  Jessica, you looked gorgeous!  Want to meet Scarlett their gorgeous baby girl?  You can see a little sneak peek of a fast shoot Jessica and I decided to do the other day!

Also, I need to ask, since I have forgotten…but who did your hair and makeup…lol.  I need to link them here!



007_web_maternity_northern_california_portrait_photographers Read the rest of this entry …

Sarah, you are really one of a kind.  I adore you and your family!  Thank you for letting me take your portraits of Norah!  Enjoy every moment with her, and I know you will!  Aaron and Isabel, you guys were awesome!  There is an image where Isabel is looking at you Aaron, that just melts my heart!  Such love in this family.

Thank you Nikki Gibson for gorgeous hair and makeup too!




021_web_maternity_portraits_photography_jamie_solorio_copyright_2016 Read the rest of this entry …

Such a gorgeous expectant mother!  Serena, you are so sweet and stunning!  Loved your dewey makeup that Brittany Baer of The Gild created for you!  Jason, you were so much fun…I see why she loves you so much!  Enjoy this time!

If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.


Jamie007_web_redding_ca_maternity_photographers_photography_by_jamie_solorio_copyright_2016 Read the rest of this entry …

Thank you so much Nick and Jessica for allowing me to take your maternity portraits!  So excited for this next part of your lives together!




Brenton and Mariah, I really love our shoots together!   You guys are beyond chill and up for anything…my favorite.  Heads up, chill people make the best parents I have found over my LONG life! lol!  You guys will be great!  I am so happy that the two of you will be bringing to this world a very loved little girl!  Enjoy every second, it really does go fast!

Oh, this first image is one of my all time faves…you were not paying attention and I was testing light, so not trying to focus on anything…but I LOVE it!

If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.


Jamie022-maternity photographers northern california-creative Read the rest of this entry …

Thank you so very much Brenton and Mariah for taking the trip to Redding from Santa Cruz to let me take your maternity portraits!  It was so nice to see you guys again!  Enjoy this time with your family!  I think you look stunning here!