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Thought I would feature our collaborative work on my portrait blog as well as my commercial site, Jamie Solorio.  However, on the commercial site I am only showing a select few images, while here more.   Want to see The Behind the Scenes, featuring our collaborators each with their own unique talents and skill sets?  So thankful for this team we have created!  Full list of collaborators at bottom of post.

Title: Beyond Bridal: Romantic Melancholy
Date: February 26th, 2016
Taking classic wedding colors to the next level by juxtaposing their softness with grunge details. Modern princess meets 90’s Grunge with smokey eyes, tousled hair, and a moody attitude. A beautiful fantasy, where even the most feminine of girls has an edge.
In our shoot we styled the bride beyond the traditional white wedding dress and explored the idea of taking classic wedding colors to the next level. We gave our bride a fashion forward, grunge vibe while maintaining her delicate beauty. The studio design also plays with the idea of a classic romantic fantasy, while keeping the focus on the bride. By combining vintage and handmade garments we created a unique style to inspire the young, chic bride to be who loves to be a little edgy.  This shoot features a handmade wedding gown by Dark Pony Designs and an artisan bouquet by the Floranthropist.
Wedding gown, veil, ribbon bra top, gold chain and tulle skirt by dark pony designs. All other clothing and accessories vintage.
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001_Jamie Solorio Photography

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This shoot meant a lot to me for several reasons.  First, it is a dream come true to be able to be creative with a group of like-minded people!  I am beyond happy to get to come up with different stories and make them come to life.  Below are some of the behind the scenes from our editorial bridal fashion photography shoot, I have linked all the creators under images of them, so it will be easy for you to check out their works.  Another reason I was super excited for this shoot was a chance to get to work with model Bailey Gurell.  She is in demand by several well known modeling agencies, and I felt very fortunate to get to work with her before she is wisked away from our little town known as Redding, Califorina.  Finally, a dream come true for me is building the commercial side of my business over at my new website called, Jamie Solorio.  I have been wanting to do this for years, but time and collaboration help were the big issues.  As soon as Robin Fator and I teamed up, it was a real possibility…even though the work load is insane.  Each shoot we do, we learn so much!  Which happens to be another favorite thing of mine, to fail and learn from it.  Lesson is then concreted in my brain! Ha!

The idea behind this shoot for me.  I say for “me” because Robin and I have different stories running in our heads. Lol!  I will share mine here and you can view Robins, HERE.


Escape.  She is trying to escape her trailer park life, and pretend to be the “Stepford Wife” to make her soon to be husband happy.  He is her way out.  However, she struggles with her trailer park conditioned self with what she is supposed to be now, but she is content with these struggle of hers.  She is obsessed with the 1990’s Grunge fad and loves the idea of wearing the torn fishnet stockings, bed head hair, and cheap tiara along side her couture gown purchased for her by her future mother in law.  Even though, she would rather wear her great grandmothers stained sheer dress from the 1920’s passed down, she will happily wear the hand made couture gown by top trending fashion designer of 2016, Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs.  She still wants to remain true to herself, which is difficult because of the expectations put on her by others.  Many of the images taken during this shoot depict the boredom as her current state of mind, such as when she holds her new Apple Rose Gold 6S Plus phone trying to escape the unknown of what her future existence might be. To a blurred image, which represents being torn between her two realities.  Even the tulle across her face tells the viewer that she is going ahead, but still wanting to hide.

Can’t wait to release the images, below are a few of my fave behind the scene images of the team working together.

Thank you for taking time to view this blog post of mine!

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I am super excited to announce a collaboration with Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs, Mariya Krutikova, and Amanda Fator that was published by Flawless Magazine.  Our editorial submission was titled Neon Noir, a concept that Robin and I came up with one day.  We pulled a team of talented people to help create our vision.  Mariya was our makeup artist, Amanda was our hair artist, Jesse my husband was the photography assistant along with video, and Elevia Ritchie was Robin’s assistant.  The story we wanted to share was that of classic black and white meets bedroom chic. Break all the rules with fashion’s biggest trend for spring 2016, lingerie for beyond the bedroom.

Below I have some of the behind the scene images I shot while everybody got ready and the video Jesse made for us!  He also helped me make my new commercial website called Jamie Solorio if you want to take a looksie!  I have 3 other shoots to post that haven’t been released yet! Can’t wait to build more!  Baby steps!

Thanks everyone f If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.  or looking!



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I had to choose this portrait of Avonlee since I have to give her crazy props for being able to deliver at age FOUR! Not only was it windy, but it was COLD and she was just wearing a little suit.  The wind was bouncing off the water and rushing up this little bluff we had her near, hitting her with full force.  She got out there and did her thing in no time flat. Thank you Avonlee.

Her mom and I decided it would be fun to style her in an adorable suit by Janie and Jack along with the adorable hand crafted headband called, “Nautical Navy”.  The head piece can be found at Heavenly Avonlee Couture on Etsy, along with many other looks.  Cambria’s bows are created with dupioni silk, ostrich feathers, along with other delicate intricacies. I personally am a huge fan and own too many to count!  Want to see a birthday cake smash using one of Cambria of Heavenly Avonlee Couture’s creations?  If so, check it out HERE.


Jamienorthern california commercial photographers lifestyle

What a fun Boudoir Collaboration! Thank you so much Robin Fator for letting us play with your beautiful creations! Nikki Gibson, you are one of the very best makeup artists in Redding, CA and I am so thankful that I get to see your gorgeous work all the time! Evianne, you were an exceptional model and I look forward to working with you again! To view my new boudoir site and see more of my work, please visit Solorio Boudoir.

It was so much fun for me to think up some new sets in the boudoir studio and getting to work with other creatives! My husband created this boudoir space for me recently and I am so thankful for all of his hard work! If you want to take a look at the conversion from insanely messy garage to boudoir studio, you might just be surprised. Can’t wait to play with some of these sets with my future boudoir clients. I think it would be super fun for one of my clients to meet up with Robin to create unique lingerie and share with me the inspiration behind it, then I could create a set that would tell her story. Of course we would HAVE to have Nikki create the hair and makeup! Curious what to wear to a boudoir session? I happen to have a blog post dedicated to just that!

I asked Robin to let me know a little bit more about her ensamble that Evianne was wearing in the boudoir studio. This is what she told me:

“This sexy lingerie ensemble was inspired by Madonna’s costume from “The Girly Show” and Velma Kelly’s character from the musical “Chicago”. This look consists of a black demi bra with hand placed black rhinestones, black high waisted control top vintage underwear, a handmade black tulle layered bustle with satin ribbon, and a black lace garter belt. The hair piece is also handmade from black feathers and an oversize red ruby rhinestone. All of these items will be available at Robin’s Site,  Dark Pony Designs and her Etsy Shop.

Thank you everybody for your generous efforts to create this Boudoir scene! To view other scenes created please check out Something Sweet, 8mm, Parisian Ballet and Spoiled.

Thank you for taking time to look at my latest work, curious about some of my other boudoir work? It can be located at on my portrait site’s BLOG or Jamie Solorio Creative Boudoir Photographer of Redding, CA website.

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Just wanted to show of this cool ad that gets to go into the Enjoy Magazine here in Northern California for my photography services!  Thank you Taylor for looking so good!  A very big special thanks to Nikki for this generous gift!!!!

To view my new boudoir site, click HERE! 

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Dr. Flotsam was the inspiration behind this years Halloween costumes.  Jesse and I got to watch Dr. Flotsam at Outside Lands this year…so fun and creative!  Thanks to Kelly, CJ, Lee, and my hot hubby for letting me take this picture last night right before we left to party!


JamieHalloween Costumes

Mini Session REdding ca photographers + photoHey there all my friends!  I am going to offer FOUR Mini Sessions this year!  The dates selected are this Friday the 6th of September and Monday the 9th of September.  Each day I will take two sessions and the start time will be 6pm for the first slot and 6:45 for the second slot.  This year all the sessions will be done in the field that is pictured above.  The only bummer thing is I will have to take the full deposit of $150 to book this special deal, since I will not be offering any more this year.  If for some reason you are unable to make the session due to any reason after your deposit has been made,  that is totally fine…I will apply the $150 towards a normal session with me. 🙂  As of now I think I have 7 people interested and I will be going down the line to see who is still interested now that I have put the date down in writing.  IF you are wanting to book and want to be put on the list, please contact me via my site HERE.

Thank you for taking time to check this blog post out!

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This blog post is still in process…sorry, it takes some time to link everybody!  Oh, and thanks Andrea for the credits list below…I just copy and pasted all your credits off of facebook!  Once I am satisfied with the way this post looks, I will be sending it to all the creatives involved to make sure that I have correctly linked and credited all of you!
Okay, finally I have a bit of time and can actually talk about this amazing opportunity brought forth to me via Amy Jensen of Amy Jensen Photography.  Amy was kind enough to mention my name to Andrea Borden who was the talented producer along with her right hand gal, Emily Williams.  Andrea, Amy, and I met one day at the Starbucks to hear what Andrea had brewing up in her mind!  She told me of all these wonderful ideas and instantly had me very excited with the possibilities of what could be!  She also informed me that Tricia Davidge would be playing along side of Andrea, Amy, and myself.  I was totally stoked, I love Tricia’s creative works of art.  Andrea had mentioned that one or two of the original models might not be able to make it and said that if we had anybody in mind, that I could send them to her.  As soon as she mentioned that, Bailie altemus came to my mind.  Now, I have to say…I did not even know her name at that time, but I knew that she would be beyond perfect!  I had seen her at Dutch Bros. which was a regular indulgence of mine…gotta love the Raspberry Lime/or Kiwi extra sweet Rebels they dish out there!  Anyhow, I had always wanted to shoot her, but never had the right opportunity arise, but this was the one!  So, with Andrea’s blessing I gave Bailie a business card of mine and told her quickly to take a look at my site and about the concept Andrea had come up with.  She was totally game and contacted me soon after.  I put her in contact with Andrea, and that is how we snagged the beautiful Bailie.  Bailie, is the dark haired beauty with the peach gown on that was designed by Robin Factor of Dark Pony Designs.    Bailie’s insane styling was created by Amy Thompson, Sarah Salinas and Alyssa Ecklund.  I am taking all the credits from a master list created by Andrea the Producer of this event, but I am pretty sure I saw and have a picture at the very top of the blog post of Jeremy Riley adding some extra bits of glamour to Bailie.  Another creative involved with Bailie’s one of a kind look was Shelly Herod  of The Nail Boutique who created Bailie’s stunning nails.  The creative vision below is a compilation of so many creative people and all their amazing talents.  You guys killed it!
Jamie Solorio Photography064
Next, Andrea had all the photographers and the other models meet one night at The White House located off of Churn Creek.  I had already shot a wedding there once, and was familiar with the grounds…but was so excited to meet all the gorgeous models that Andrea had selected, not to mention the one that Tricia and Amy had brought to come and play!  The models that arrived that night were the following: Bailie altemus, Breana Rich, Veronica Shiell, Shayla Reyes, and Kyla Olson, and little Dani Vierra.  All the girls were stunning, sweet, and seemed very excited about the shoot. Andrea and Emily both informed us of the days events and then took us on a tour of the beautiful grounds of The White House.
I have to say…I am not a morning person AT ALL!  The idea of having to arrive at The White House on the 1st of April at 7:30am, was not sounding very appealing, but I was super excited about what I was going to get to experience.  Amy Jensen and I decided to ride together, hit our favorite…Starbucks for a little breakfast and wake me up  yummies!  We also wanted to have a game plan, since we like to shoot together and try to help each other get the best shots possible.   When we arrived, I was feeling very intimidated by all the hustle and bussle going on, hoping that I would not let anybody down.  Having said that, this is something I always do to myself..trying to work on it…the whole confidence thing! lol!
Anyhow, Amy and I walked into the guest house of The White House and there were teams of people working on the beautiful models.  There were make up artists, a nail artist, hair stylists, organizers, a writer of the Enjoy Magazine by the name of Kimberly Boney, and an adorable little model, Stevie with her grandmother.  Gosh, I hope I am not forgetting anybody!!!  Anyhow, it was a buzz in there!  Hair spray was everywhere, beads glistening, curling irons hot and ready, and beyond everything that I could see, there was this excitement brewing!  One of the creatives involved was Nikki Gibson, who happens to help me all the time with my boudoir beauties!  Nikki was responsible for the zebra like make up  and on Kyla, in yellow.  Along with Nikki, there was Shelly Herod who as far as I know did everybody’s nails.  {Please correct me if I am wrong}.  The dress that Kyla was wearing was created by Dark Pony Designs.  Again, another amazing creation by so many talented individuals all working together.
After some time in the guest house, it got really full with energy and people!  So, Amy and I headed out to The White House grounds and started taking some vendor shots!  The shots included were the adorable little crown, which I am not sure at this time who created (please let me know…if you know)  Dresses, keys, ribbons, and anything Amy and I could get our paws on.  The dress below was created by Karen Borden of Uniquely Handmade, Ruby Duckling of Redding, CA and is so adorable on the little princess, Stevie!  Stevie, worked magic in the dress…just playing and being perfect in every way!  Stevie’s look was created by Cody LaFranchi of Crush Salon.
DSC_9962Jamie Solorio Photography015
After we played a bit with Stevie, the other models came out looking beyond stunning.  One of the models that I loved was Shayla Reyes, her make up and styling was created by the ever so talented Amy Thompson and Alyssa Ecklund.  I loved the beads, the hand painted artwork on the side of her face and the gorgeous pops of blue in Shayla’s hair.  Shayla’s dress was created by Dark Pony Designs.  Amy Thompson created the stunning makeup, while Alyssa Ecklund with the help of talented Sarah Salinas of Crush Salon worked on Shayla’s beautiful dark hair!  Shelly Herod designed her beautiful nails, that added that finishing touch!
Jamie Solorio Photography033
Okay, more coming soon!  Lots more!  Sorry, it just takes some serious time to get all the links and things put into the post! 🙂  For a quick list of credits, please see below courtesy of Andrea Borden the producer of the shoot!
Andrea Borden, Photographer, Producer
andreaborden.comAmy Jensen, Photographer Solorio, Photographer Davidge, Photographer
triciadavidge.comEmily Williams, Co-ProducerVenue:
The White House on Churn Creek Golf Course, Venue.
Flaga the Icelandic Pony from Painted Sky Ranch, (Joy Dunton)Kyla Olson (YELLOW)
(STYLIST: Nikki Gibson (MAKEUP AND HAIR) (Nails: Candy Nails Salon) )
(DRESS: Dark Pony Designs )Dani (PINK)
(STYLIST: Cody LaFranchi, Jeremy Riley)
(NAILS: Shelly Herod, The Nail Boutique)
(DRESS: Dark Pony Designs)Shayla -(BLUE)
(STYLIST: Makeup: Amy Thompson, Hair:Alyssa Ecklund )
(NAILS: Shelly Herod, The Nail Boutique)
(DRESS: Dark Pony Designs )Veronica (GREEN)
(STYLIST: Cody LaFranchi, Jeremy Riley)
(NAILS: Shelly Herod, The Nail Boutique)
(DRESS: Kirsten Mallard )Bailie (PEACH)
(STYLIST: Sarah Salinas, Amy Thompson, Alyssa Ecklund )
(NAILS: Shelly Herod, The Nail Boutique)
(DRESS: Dark Pony Designs )Breana (PURPLE)
(STYLIST: Tricia Davidge )
(NAILS: Shelly Herod, The Nail Boutique)
(DRESS: Dark Pony Designs )Stevie (Little Girl)
Hair Stylist: Sarah Salinas
Makeup: Cody LaFanchi
Flower crown: Dark Pony Designs
Lace crown: Altered Wing Studios
Dress: Ginger Mallard, Altered Wing (White dress).
Karen Borden, Uniquely Handmade (Stevie’s lavender dress)MUAHS:
Nikki Gibson, Nail Candy Salon
Sarah Salinas, Crush Salon
Amy Thompson, Crush Salon
Alyssa Ecklund, Crush Salon
Cody LaFranchie, Crush Salon
Tricia Davidge, at Crush SalonNails:
Shelly Herod, at the Nail Boutique (all models except Kyla Olson)Pastry Artist:
Kristina Devan, Kris’s Sweet Cakes

Kimberly N. Boney, who wrote the Secret Garden article for Enjoy