Professional real estate realtor showing her client their dream home at the conference table in her office.

Real Estate commercial photography at it’s best.  Notice the color scheme throughout this image?

 Image courtesy of Jamie Solorio Photography


Why is marketing so important?

“The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often and at higher prices. There is no other reason to do it.” ~ Sergio Zyman

Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do.

Not only does marketing build brand awareness but it can also increase sales, grow businesses and engage customers.


How can commercial photography help? And what is a commercial photographer exactly?

“Commercial photography is the creation of images to be used by businesses for selling or promoting their brand. This usually falls into the category of product or lifestyle imagery. A commercial photographer has the goal of positioning the brand in the minds of the viewers through a single, or series of photographs. A great commercial image is something memorable, with mass appeal, and a clear message.” -Peter House, Staff Writer and Commercial Photographer for Fstoppers.


Create Visual Appeal

Presenting your business visually will provide greater impact, especially when supported by quality design, copy and illustration.

In fact, a recent poll found that 37% of marketers stated that visual marketing was the most important forms of content for their business. –Brian Dean

Good photography is required to effectively promote or sell your business products, services, people, or ethos.


Visual Guidance

To begin, I like to get an idea of what photographic style you are looking for to be a good representation of you and your company.

I will ask you for reference images to help me create an attractive aesthetic for your advertising and marketing material needs.  A ‘Mood Board’ is one way to do this.  When creating your own Mood Board, be sure to think of the following items below in this nice easy check list.

  • Color Theory
  • Attractive backgrounds
  • Editorial lighting 
  • Genuine emotion 
  • Telling an uplifting story efficiently 
  • Composition with room for copy
  • Community

Need more visual content inspiration?





Are you looking for updated professional photography for your website?

Photography ranging from head-shots, story telling imagery, product photographs, food photography and any other needs for your promotional marketing.

With my creative direction and photographic services, I can help you create a bank of personalized images to aid your direct marketing campaigns.


Examples of My Work.

Robin Fator Creative

Dignity Health (not all images)

Haedrich & Co., Inc. (see images below)

Lassen Community College – Susanville, CA (not all images)


Oxygen Plus X

LA Fashion Magazine

Into the Dark Room

Dark Pony Designs

Sexy Hair-Faux Bob

Other Examples


Are you finding it is getting harder to stand out in direct marketing?

If so, please Please contact me at or 530-355-5272 for more information.

Thank you so much Haedrich & Co., Inc. for letting me take your commercial real estate agents updated portraits for your website.  Below I have a selection of the images I took around your Redding commercial real estate office.  Have to say, you guys are a good looking team of real estate professionals.  My husband and I are pretty good friends with Chris Haedrich, and we both adored his bow tie.  He looks so sweet and honest, which is a good representation of who he actually is.



This is a mega overshare and a late, late, late blog post. And I don’t really apologize…for all of the images anyhow.  Mainly because I have come to really adore this family over the years.  Their outdoor Fall portrait session produced so many fun images in our scenic Caldwell Park of Redding, California.  The Kohn’s have been so chill and easy going, thank goodness!  Our first session together, law enforcement was called out and the Kohn’s even asked me back again!  It is a silly story…Isa, my daughter was sick that day and I had called Liz in the morning to tell her.  I told her Isa could just relax on a blanket near us while I did the shoot.  Well, I guess someone thought my daughter was abandoned or who knows.  Though, I am thankful someone was thoughtful enough to call for her.  However, walking over to us and asking if she was okay…could of saved the time of the ambulance and police officer.  Did make the portrait session interesting though.

This year Liz wanted to try some fall leaves, and I have to say it was very tricky.  The reason I say this is because it was a super rainy winter.  We actually had to reschedule the family pictures a few times due to weather and maybe even sickness.  I am usually always up for rescheduling when conditions are not great, and especially if anyone is ill.  Family portraits are an investment, it takes time to coordinate outfits and not to mention financially.  However, we went for it one day…even though the grass was still a little wet.  So glad we went for it, they were absolute troopers!  The yellow leaves were all over the ground at the park and it couldn’t of been more perfect. As for color schemes, the yellow and orange leaves went perfectly with Liz’s blue toned clothing.  So, if you are looking for some family portrait clothing ideas, be sure to take a look at their pictures below.

Want to take a trip down memory lane with the Kohn family?  In the past we had done the meadow session I linked above, a gorgeous purple flower session in a meadow, a lifestyle newborn session, and a beach portrait session.

What I love about family portrait sessions like this, is the true joy that is seen across their happy little faces.  One of my recent ideas was to use bubbles as a family portrait session idea…not to mention, children love bubbles.  Another family photo idea I had was to have Rob twirl Avery around above me as I laid on the ground trying to capture her joy in her father’s hands.  A picture I need to take of my youngest before she gets to big with her daddy.  I hope that they treasure these images and look at them often.  Liz and Rob actually print their images and hang them on the walls…which is really something…now a days! lol.  More people need to print their digital images, even cell phone shots.  For example, I had several thousand images on my cell phone, and someone stole my phone out of my purse hanging on my shoulder one night in San Francisco.  Funny thing was, a few nights before I had literally spent like 3 hours looking through all the old images and thought to myself, “I really need to print these.”  Literally 2 days later, my phone was stolen along with a year worth of photographs.  Oh, and of course I had not listened to my wise husband and backed them up via Google photos.  So, moral of the story, be like The Kohn’s…be happy and please print your pictures.

Thank you so much Rob and Liz for letting me take your family portraits here in Redding, California.  Caldwell Park is now one of my favorite places to take pictures in Redding.  I always enjoy seeing how the kids have changed.  Seeing the way you guys enjoy your littles and each other, really is something special.

Looking for family photographers in Redding, CA?  Please contact me HERE. If you would live to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.



Oh, and then there was a little request from Avery…to take a portrait of her with her fancy umbrella at the end of the shoot. Done, and gotta say…love how darling this image below is.  She was really struggling with that cute umbrella and you can see it head to toe.  

Sexy WARNING below:

Images not be suitable for work or with littles near by.

Why Boudoir?

Okay, I’m about to get deep…

Why boudoir you might ask?

It is funny that I would even consider being a boudoir photographer.

It is hard for me to even look at my own reflection each day and actually appreciate what I see.

But I want to be seen.

Not afraid.

No holding back.

To be me.

With everything that is going on today, I think it is important to be seen and heard.

Boudoir was exactly how I managed to be seen.

With my boudoir I can play in my studio and create images for myself, to be seen.

Taking portraits of other women?

Why do that?

I want to show other women their own beauty.

I want them to…SEE.

See what I see.

I feel like boudoir is such a gift on so many levels, most importantly to the subject of the portrait.

She can look at her portrait and not have to hide, not have to be ashamed, just be beautiful and be seen.

My own boudoir photographs have helped me grow and accept myself.

I hope to help other woman to be seen through my art.

I want to crush the idea that this is something that should be hidden, tucked away, kept only for yourself.

Thank you so much Karen for allowing yourself to be seen.

To see more of Karen’s images, be sure to click the Read the Rest of this Entry below.

To see a few images that are even a little more…tantalizing, click HERE to visit my boudoir Pintrest page I am currently working on.

My boudoir website has most all of your questions answered HERE.

Feel free to create a secret Pintrest board and share your favorites with me for your session.


Read the rest of this entry …

This image came about via a request from creative, Robin Fator of The Redding Fashion Alliance.  Robin had asked me if I would like to create something for Redding Fashion Alliance’s newest window display.  She told me she was looking for something painterly and using the color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet.  Robin also told me that I could use one of Gini Holmes‘ Silk Kimono’s she hand creates in her studio.  Redding Fashion Alliance will hang this fashion portrait mid January of 2018, which has been printed as a 20×30 and will be mounted in a gold leaf frame.

This image was inspired by the great Peter Lindbergh’s portrait of Milla Jovovich featured in Vogue Italia 1998.  I happened to buy myself Peter Lindbergh’s book A Different Vision of Fashion Photography recently and fell so in love with this one image of Milla Jovoich. However, interestingly enough, I am not able to find that image online to show you…it seems to only exist in the book.  I do have a copy of it on my Instagram, if you would like to see it.  The light I created was similar to Mr. Lindbergh’s light, but different.  I used 3 light sources to create this photograph.  The main light was my Elinchrom with reflector and a purple gel.  The lights that shape her face in orange and blue were created by using my SB-900’s on slave mode.  I also took inspiration for the color of the light from my color theory book Interaction of Color by Josef Albers.

I knew which model immediately, Jennifer Mailhot.  We had trouble this week collaborating, so Jennifer was brave enough to cut a heavy bang herself.  Kya Solorio was our makeup artist for this shoot, and used Mac’s “Sin” lipstick with some shadow to create depth for the lip.  Dennis Luberus was my photography assistant for the shoot.  Rajneesh Kushwaha of RJ Retouch created the skin retouch and I did the creative edit.

Team Credits


January 12, 2018 in {a lil sexy}

As promised, boudoir sneaks this week.

Thank you secret woman for allowing me to post this beautiful photograph of you.

To view more of my boudoir work, please check out my boudoir website Solorio.



Looking for that something special for someone special?  Look no more, I have the answer for you…sexy, naughty, sweet, sensual imagery created by Jamie Solorio.  There are infante reasons to celebrate true love, and this is one way to do so.  Not to mention, you will get to keep these boudoir portraits for yourself to look back on one day.  My studio is set up with several scenes to create many different lust inspiring photographs.

Want to take a look at some of my other boudoir work?  Please over at my boudoir website Jamie Solorio.  You can also view a few blog posts HERE, and check back often, I will be posting new boudoir sessions all week.  Pintrest also has some of my sensuous photographs on display.

Boudoir sessions are limited before Valentine’s Day.  Please contact me HERE or 530.355.5272 or

Not able to make it to my studio, let me come to you.  For example, shooting in a sexy hotel in San Francisco is on my fun list of things to do.  One of my favorite hotels is The Union Square hotel, the red section.  Just give me a call to book.

Looking forward to meeting you and creating that perfect Valentine’s Day present for yourself, oh…and someone special too.



January 9, 2018 in {featured}

What a nice surprise to find out that one of my photographs from 2014 was featured by Shutterfly.  They published a blog post about 20 Creative Large Family Photo Ideas and picked a shot of Diana Christiansen’s family taken in Shasta Lake City near some gorgeous yellow trees.  I have to say, I recall scouting this location for her family and had to recruit my husband and his dad to help make a somewhat clean spot to put all my ivory furniture out for their family.  To begin, we had to clear a discarded home/fort someone had created.  Then, there were low growing blackberry bushes that lined the ground, that were particularly fun to walk through.  Everyone involved with the shoot was such a trooper.  The color combination of cream, grey, and yellow is perfect.

Thank you Shutterfly for showcasing one of my images on your site.



Are you a maker or a designer?  If so, please take some time to check out The Redding Fashion Alliance.  The Redding Fashion Alliance celebrated the holiday season and their relocation to the downtown area with a Holiday Open House event on December 22, 2017. Members of the Redding community stopped by 1698 Market Street to tour the maker space, network, mingle, meet the directors, enjoy the refreshments, and find out more about utilizing the organization.

Special Thanks to:
Jan Kearns (catering)
Gini Holmes (volunteer)
Jamie Solorio Photography (images)

If you would like to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.



For the person who has everything.

Actually a client of mine said last Tuesday during her boudoir shoot for her man.  “He has everything, so I thought this would be a great gift for Christmas.”

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please contact me HERE.

If you would like to view more of my work, please visit my other websites HERE.




Thank you guys so very much for allowing me to come into your beautiful home and spend an evening together.  I decided to just show the indoor pictures for this blog post, we also have some outdoor images as well to show a bit later.  Chelsea, you should be an interior designer…perfection!

Enjoy your little man!