Redding California Senior Portrait Information

Thank you for visiting my Senior Portrait Gallery. Most of these images were taken around Redding of Northern California. Senior pictures are some of my very favortie to take! I love going to as many places as we can cram into your session. I also LOVE multilple outfit changes...we can't have all your pictures in the same outfit! I am totally down with most anything you might have in mind! Want a picture with your best friend, boyfriend, dog, whatever...I can do that! I love to hear about what you want for pictures and if you aren't too sure I am totally fine with that also. I will be asking you if you will be wanting the Urban or Meadown like setting for your images. Or both? You can see the difference between these two environments by clicking HERE or HERE and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page I describe what to expect for the most part in each of these settings.

Hope to hear from you and thank you again!

xoxo, Jamie