Redding Californa Urban Photographer Jamie Solorio

Downtown Redding, CA can be a great place for some fun inner-city powerful images. Weather you are looking for a new look for a more edgy family portrait session, or want to have a high fashion look to your senior and engagement portraits...this could be the perfect location for you! Something to consider is the safety of the environment we will be creating beautiful images in. Things to keep in mind if you are wanting family portraits in the urban setting are closed toe shoes. There can be broken glass and sharp things all around. I have taken toddler images in this gritty environment, but it is imperative that we either have help from family members or an additional support, like an Auntie or something to make sure the little one does not get hurt. If you are a senior girl looking for this type of background, there MUST be a male with us at all times to ensure our safety. Of course, this is for the more rough areas of town...but it never hurts to be extra safe out there!

xoxo, Jamie