Redding California Children Portrait Photographer Jamie Solorio

Hi and welcome to my Lil Ones Portrait Portfolio. Most of these images were taken in or around Redding, California of Shasta County. Child photography is always a ton of fun and usually quite the experience! My goal is to have as much fun as possible. I can not think of anything much worse than an unhappy little one and a stressed parent. I have found that if the little one is upset, we give him or her a bit of a break. We can start to play games together, toss a rock, who knows, anything but telling your lil angel to say "cheese" and look at the camera. I will try my very hardest to do whatever and anything I can think of to get your child to smile! I have even had parents stand behind me and hold weeds full of dirt over my head. :) Though, I do not think the parent realized all this dirt was falling into my hair. Again, it is so worth it to me if we can get a true smile.

Another thing to be aware of with toddlers and photography, we want to take them to an environment where they feel very confident and comfortable. Many one year olds are not used to walking in creek beds, or walking for that fact! So, we have to be careful selecting our portrait setting that will be the safest and best environment for the very tiniest of our tiny ones.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!