Redding California Portrait Photographer Portfolio of Jamie Solorio

Hi there and thank you for taking time to look at some of my portrait photography. Majority of these images were taken in Redding, CA of Shasta County either in fields or downtown Redding.

Photography is my passion, and honestly I can not stop thinking about it. I often wonder if this "passion" of mine is more of an obsession! Either way, I love every second of it! Capturing people and those little moments between each other is something that I love to do. Or just catching somebody with a true smile, giggle, or even the most serious of serious faces is another great perk to this job of mine!

Please enjoy looking through some of my work! I am starting a new blog in February of 2013, since my two old blogs accidentally got deleted when I got a new smartphone. You would thinks a "Smart"phone would know better! Anyhow, this just gives me the opportunity to go back through my past images and new sessions and write about them.

Thank you again!

xoxo, Jamie