Redding California Family Portrait Photographers Jamie Solorio

Hi and welcome to my Family Portrait Portfolio. Most of these images were taken in or around Redding, of Northern California. Family portrait photography is always a ton of fun and usually quite the experience! My goal is to make it NOTHING like having to go to a crowed portrait studio where you are totally worried that you child is starting to get cranky because the studio is running a bit behind, not that all studios are like this...but, I have experience this situation a few times and had wished my portrait session had gone down differently. Having said that, I like to make the Family Session as much fun as possible, that way I can capture you with your loved ones interacting in the most natural way possible. I love it when you are playing with the kids, kids are running, there are REAL smiles, this is my goal. One little word of caution, please, please, please do not ask your child to say cheese or look at the camera! lol! I have noticed the best portraits come when that little one is not even paying attention, or they just got done telling me about their favorite cartoon! Sometimes I will even go way out there and mention embarrassing things that mommy might do, like a toot! Yes, very unconventional, but this does usually make your little one to smile! And of course, we know that mommy does NOT do that! :) So, if you are looking for a bit of a unconventional photographer who really is willing to put in that extra effort to make sure your portraits turn out the best they can with the least amount of stress, I could be your girl!

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!