Portrait Investment

Take a moment to remember a certain time in your life. Do you remember it in perfect detail? From the expression of a loved one as you reached over and embraced them, or your child's eyes looking up at you full of innocence and love, or how about how stinking good you looked? These are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to document your moments together. Even if you just grab your camera and blow off the dust, darn smart phones! Lol! I really do encourage you to do it, grab that camera and snap off a few shots of whatever, whoever is most important to you...then PRINT your images. The power of a printed image is insane! I can not tell you how often I stop and stare at the portraits of my girls, my incredibly sexy husband, and the few images I have of myself...before I got old! Ha! You can't go back and capture those moments, so please take the time right now to do it.

Okay, off my soapbox! Phew! Back to Portrait Sessions and the investment for those same moments you will treasure for years to come. My Portrait Sessions begin at $100* per hour (credit cards accepted) within a 10 mile radius of Redding, CA. Each Portrait Session will require a deposit to save your date with me, which is due before your session along with a signed Portrait Contract. After your session has been completed, I will post your images in an online gallery for viewing for up to 3 days. During this time you can decide what you would like to purchase, from digital images, gallery wraps, albums, and prints. Please take the time to fill out the Contact Form on my site if you would like more information on pricing or anything for that matter. To learn more about what to expect during your portrait session please visit “What to Expect” in my FAQ tab.


Jamie Solorio

*an additional charge of $0.60 per mile will be charged outside the 10 mile radius of Redding, CA as a travel expense.

Commercial Investment

Please take a look at my commercial/fashion work HERE.

xoxo, Jamie

Boudoir Investment


What exactly are we talking about here? Well, basically if you would like to get some stunning images of yourself for yourself (maybe a special somebody else too!) this is for you!

To learn more please visit my boudoir site titled, "Solorio."


Jamie Solorio

Wedding Investment

When selecting your photographer remember that a wedding photographer is more than someone who simply snaps pictures. Once the vows are exchanged and the guest are gone, all you have are your pictures. You are investing in the documentation of your day and the photographic art that will be hung on your walls for many years to come.

Now for the investment part...du dun dunnn(a scary voice). In trying to make my wedding day coverage the most simple for my busy bride and groom, I created a flat rate for your day. Your wedding day coverage investment will be $6500* (credit cards accepted along with payments), this includes your days coverage up to 8 hours. This gives me time to capture all the important details which will tell your story exactly as it happens. Details like getting ready with your closest friends and family until your people bring out their dance moves.

Think of the importance of these images, in todays digital age we just store everything in our hard drive for safe keeping, but how often do we scroll through those images? Is it daily, like when you stop and look at a photograph of somebody you love? I encourage you to contact me for a complete price list of all the products that I offer to help your remember the most important day of your life.

Also, take a second to check out my new blog catagory titled Tips for the Bride to Be for more helpful information to create your amazing day!

Currently I am lmiting the amount of weddings I do. If you are interested in booking me, please contact me via my contact page.


Jamie Solorio

*each hour of coverage after the 8 hours of wedding coverage will be charged an additional $200 per hour fee.

*an additional charge of $0.60 per mile will be charged outside the 10 mile radius of Redding, CA as a travel expense.

What People are Saying

"You're seriously amazing!!!! I want to be you!! ;) these are my favorite family pictures ever!!! Thanks for sharing your Great gift with us!" -Kyra


They are so amazing. I can't believe that it was 110 degrees outside that day!! You have such a gift and such a great eye and we all absolutely love these photos. All four of these young BFF's are going their separate ways off to college and these photos are captured at such a perfect time. They are precious!!! Thank you so much!

Yes we want them all!" -Donna Black

"OH MY GOSH!!! Jamie!!! You are so freaking amazing!!! I absolutely love every single photo so much! You're amazing!" -Amanda S.

"Oh Jamie, these are above and beyond what I expected. Thank you, thank you you, thank you!!! :)" -Hannah A.

"We are going to go ahead and purchase the full gallery (through Dropbox). It is way too hard to just pick a few pictures! We are so happy with how they turned out! We appreciate all of your hard work...and it was a fun session! I can't wait to get some printed :-)" -Michelle H.

"Oh my gosh these are so perfect! You are so amazing at this! Thank you so much!" -Beth D.

"Thank you so much ! We love them all... You're awesome:)" -Kristina S.

"I opened the file and LOVE them. As always, you did a fantastic job! I will be in touch about our selections. And I know I would like to print some through you, like we did with Brock. The quality is worth it. Thank you again!" -Michelle H.

"LOVE< LOVE< LOVE that photo of Abby! So Soft and Beautiful! Thank You Jamie, Your Amazing!" -Launi

"Thank you so much, I'm so glad I had the chance to have you as our photographer! You're busy so I'm so happy I got a spot:) I loved the first sneak peak. Can't wait to see the rest." -Mariah

"Jamie you always make me cry when I view your photos! Holy amazing! Mia looks so damn cute and totally highlights the positive energy of our little family bubble." -Monique B.

"Hi Jamie! Oh my goodness, that photo you put on your blog is amazing! So beautiful! Thank you for being so fun and taking such beautiful shots of Amanda, can't wait to see the rest!" -Charlene G.

"OMG you are so incredibly GIFTED!!!!! I was basically in tears! Can't wait to share with the rest of the fam! We will be repeat customers for sure! Thank you!!!" -Rachel R.

"Oh my word, Jamie! I just spent an hour scrolling through your blog pictures! SOOO in love! You are amazingly talented!! I don't even have words!" -Adrienne G.

"Thanks again for making this a wonderful experience! You're amazing, and very helpful! Your work is beautiful..." -Charlene

"Thanks for the amazing work you did and for squeezing us in to your hectic schedule. You are so truly talented and were so much fun to work with. Thank you for a memorable experience!" -Jane

"Thank you so much for getting them done so quickly! I just looked through them and absolutely love them.:)" -Amanda N.

"Hi Jamie!! Wow!! Beautiful pics!! You are truly an artist! We absolutely love them! We had such a good time that evening. Thanks! -Sarah"

" I just saw the sneak peak. I'm speechless! This picture is so beautiful, thank you again!!!" -Katelyn

"Thank you I love the pictures beyond what words can say. Thank you for capturing the true beauty of my girls and allowing me to have such treasures in a brand new town. Thank you." -Cambria

"We are pleased with the photos! Thank you for capturing our beautiful Hannah! We will treasure them always." -Debbie G.

"Holy Cow Jamie! You make me tear up every time! I love all of them!! THANK YOU!!! Oh my goodness your idea with the vogue one is so cool and fun and also the golden pulled one! Gosh and the white dress one with Neal and I!! Look at his face!! You kick ass!"

"Oh my gosh! I looove them! Thank you so much(:" -Caitlyn

"Yea after seeing the first one you post of me looking like a pregnant angel...Your right, thats way to hard to pick ten, I have to have them all! OMG they are gorgeous!" -Jessica M.

"Oh my gosh, just looked at the blog post! It is great!! I love all those photos! I'm so glad you got to come that day. It was so fun and you are so talented!! :)" -Kaitie M.

"Thank you Jamie!!! We are already trying to come up with another reason to have you take our picture! :) You're awesome!" Love, Heather, Brett and River

"These are great! We love them! It is going to be hard to pick our favorites. I think that you should definitely reconsider your newborn picture hiatus. I waited for Brett to get home from his final so we could look at them together and we were floored. We can only imagine how much harder it would have been to pick from the pictures we would have had if River would have cooperated. We are filled with joy and love. We are so glad that we found you because you have a great skill while having a personality that is easy to work with. We will be sure to send all of our friends and family your way as well as keep you on call for our moments in life that we want to capture." -Brett and Heather of Napa

"You are SO welcome and we loved working with you. Your excellent eye really brought life and beautiful lihht to our photos so thank you very much. Thanks so much Jamie it was a pleasure to work with you and I'll put the good word out." -Jim & Mel

"I have a great camera and the ability to use it but cannot even get my family to open up the way you could. My heart is full seeing all of the smiles, laughter and emotion you captured. You truly have a gift!" -Star

"Absolutely AMAZING! I’ve got to have them all… Just can’t narrow it down, imagine that! Send me an invoice and I’ll get you paid!" -Alyssa

"It was tons of fun tonight! My girls are so different but wonderful, it is great that your photos seem to capture their personalities so well. Love the picture you posted and I can't wait to see the rest!" -Pam

"Thank you so so much!!!!! You're so easy to work with and you made me feel comfortable to be honest I thought it was going to awkward but I loved it!" -Suzy

"OMG!!!! Awesome beutiful pictures!! We love them!! And we love you!! You can absolutely tell you love what you do :0)" -Lilianna

"Omg Jamie!!!! I love them!!!" -Andie

"OMG!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you that is so great I so appreciate it you doing that so fast. Wow, thank you!!!!! That seriously brought tears to my eyes. That is such a beautiful moment you captured. Jeff and annabelle have been working on their connection and this just felt like victory. Thank you for getting this moment for us. You are really great at this and were great with our kids. Thank you so much." -Jeff and Tenessa

"I just wanted to thank you again for taking such breathtaking pictures of Sydney, I can't stop obsessing over them!!" -Nichole

" OMG!! I Love them ALL!!!!!!! Thank you again for everything you were absolutely AMAZING to work with!" -Shea S.

"Thank you Jamie! I love this picture it's gorgeous we can't wait to see all of them. You are so talented. I appreciate your patience today and for capturing such beautiful moments." -Amber C.

"That picture is amazing! I cannot thank you enough! You did an amazing job!" -Jake C.

"Oh my gosh Jamie!! They are absolutely wonderful! I can't put in words how happy I am with them. You truly have a gift! Thank you again!! I can't wait to hire you again!" -Nicole

"Thank you Jamie. As always these are excellent. You are an amazing photographer." -Darlene W.

"Oh my goodness!! I am soooo in love with your work!!!!!! Thank you so much Jamie!" -Jackie

"I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE ALL of them!!!!!!!! So perfect, great photos I can't wait to post them to facebook. You are so amazing such awesome work you do. THANK YOU so much. They look like they should be submitted to a magazine." -Vannessa

"i just wanted to let you know how much Clay loved his photos. Thank you so much. Clay was not only happy and in love with the photos he was so proud of me for stepping out of my comfort zone and actually doing them. Thank YOU ! Now you need a studio so I can send all my friends in they love your work, you are super at what you do." -Carrie

"I knew I should be expecting great photos and I was, but you just blew my mind! I just watched the whole slide show and every single image was amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it. I can not even express just how much I appreciate you ladies and your hard work at capturing the greatest day of my life. You ladies captured so many details that I would have never thought of. There are so many where I can't even remember seeing you being right there snapping away! You ladies are ninjas!!! hahaha! But seriously, major kudos to you and your crew. I am in love with these photos. I hope you take photos forever because you have the most amazing gift for it. I can't believe the photography was the most important thing I was worried about for the wedding and it took me over a year to find the perfect one and I'm soooo glad I was so picky because I found the best!" -Amanda Sauders

"I just wanted to say thank you again for working with us this weekend! We had a great time and are really excited we hired you for the wedding! A Thank you again for everything you are wonderful!!" -Shealene

"Omg girl! I love your work! We need you. Lol. I just wish I could have found you earlier." -Amber

"Oh my goodness, I just looked at the album and it made me cry a bit! lol I'm SO impressed with them I can't even tell you how happy I am!! I was going to wait for Nick to come home to look at them but that lasted like 2 minutes. There are so many that capture everyone's excitement and closeness to one another. It's truly amazing!!

I will never be able to thank you enough!! There isn't anyone else in world we would have rather have had for our wedding photographer, you are incredible!"

"Jamie, thank you so very much for taking our family pictures. You have such a gift with your talent to capture and create beautiful memories for people. I look at your photos and I see my Khloe's spirit and personality and how happy we are to have her in our life. Thank you for that! You work is truly unique and amazing. We love our photos you have created." -CJ, Kelly, & Chloe

"Jamie, you are so good girl friend!!! This wedding has been a ton of work for you! We appreciate it sooo much and couldn't imagine using any other person! You are the best photographer in Redding, and probably all of northern cal." -Melissa

"Jamie! Thank you so much for yesterday, my family loved you and we were all so impressed with your interaction with each person and your ability to keep their attention...we felt so lucky that my dad lasted as long as he did! haha" -The Busby Family

Thanks again for making the long haul, I know my family will love the pictures! "And thanks again, Jamie, I know you put your heart & soul (& countless hours) into making the pics as awesome as you possibly can. I really do appreciate all that you have done. I'm sure we will be in touch again!" -Gail

"OMG. So amazing! We love all of them." -Elizabeth

"I've been waiting for a quiet moment to look at Kodi's portraits. We finally got some time together last night. We were so pleased with them all! I couldn't stop gushing over them- I thought I was going to drive him crazy. Thanks again for making it such a great experience for him. The portraits are stunning! We'll be in touch with you again soon!" -Tami

"Jamie, Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you made about me and natalee. It was a pleasure getting to know you you did a wonderful job and I'm still looking at what pics I want to get on canvas..... I'll let u know when I finally decide! You were so sweet and you blessed me with these beautiful pics for me to enjoy of my baby girl..... Can't thank u enough!"-Elisabeth and Natalee

"Jamie, You are so great - the blog is so fun! All the pictures turned out so well, thanks again for taking the time to make sure we got awesome shots."

"Jamie!! Got so caught up in my excitement and love for these photos I'm sorry for delayed response!! These photos are again amazing!! Look at my little Mia!! Omg I'm a mom!! Everything has been so surreal and taking all in... Everyone I showed them to were in awe!! Made it all that much more special :) " -Neil and Mo -Nancy and Courtney

"Oh my goodness! I will never have another photographer do our photos ever! You have an amazing talent and an incredible eye! I can't stop going through the album and im on my phone so its really little but they are incredible! Im also trying not to cry because im hanging out at my in laws and showing them. We are all amazed! The shot of us holding hands with my grandmas picture in the background is jaw dropping. That detail is so beyond words. My family is going to love it. I know I say this a lot to you but I am so grateful and thank you soooo much! You are an amazing woman! :o)" -Amanda & Jake

"Jamie, You are so great - the blog is so fun! All the pictures turned out so well, thanks again for taking the time to make sure we got awesome shots." Nancy and Courtney

"Thank you so much for meeting with us and getting those up so quickly! You are amazing! It was GREAT to meet you and your hubby last night! I am so glad you will be our photographer on our special day! I can't wait!!!" -Kimberly

"I just looked at the rest of the pictures! You did an amazing job, I LOVE them! I can't wait to get my hands on them :) I'm totally impressed you were able to make such beautiful pictures with such crummy lighting!" -Carmen

"We love the pictures you took! Thank you!" -Mimi

"Dear Jamie & Jesse, Thank you so much for running such a fun and fab photo booth at our wedding. Our friends and family sure enjoyed it, and we are grateful to you both for making it happen." -Shakey & Melissa

"Wow!! We love them so much! They are amazing. Nick's mom cried after seeing the one from yesterday, I can't imagine what she will do after seeing the rest! Lol This is going to be a toughie deciding which one to use for the invitations, they are all perfect! I really can't thank you enough for doing that for us. We are so happy with them." -Nick and Jessica

"Jamie! Thank you so much for switching up plans and coming out to our home for the engagement pics...it means so much to us! You are such a pleasure to work with, I'm thrilled you'll be our photographer on our BIG day! Thank you again!" -Tyler & Vera

"I have been looking at the picture through drop box over and over...I just can’t get over how beautiful they are!!! I mean everything about your photos...the lighting, color, composition, they look like paintings, truly! Annnnd, one more thing...the direction you gave to my daughter while posing. That REALLY helps! She told me that she was so nervous that she wouldn’t know what to do and feel like a dork...but you really helped her relax and have fun with it. Thanks so much Jamie! We had a really great time with you too and the pictures are beautiful!!! I am so glad we chose you." -Shirley

"I cannot believe these pictures are me, Jamie. I had to pull the car over because I started to cry." -Andie

"we LOVE the pics! I’ve been singing you praises, all of my family and friends think you are amazing! You have such a great eye, and you made us look great! Thank you so much again! I’m ecstatic that I have you to capture our big day! Thank you again!" -Vera

"Oh Jamie I love it!!! U have such a gift with your talent. Thank u, I love that moment!!! I see my daughters essence and its beautiful!" -Kelly

"I don't even have words to describe how happy I am with the photos and your amazing talent. I seriously am holding back tears while looking at these at work...haha. I cannot thank you enough. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" -Amanda


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you travel to weddings and portrait sessions? A: Oh yes, I do. I love to travel! I'll travel pretty much anywhere your willing to send me. Contact me the location and date. If I'm not booked, I so would love to!

Q: How long does it take to edit my session? A: Usually takes about 2 weeks, but from mid October to mid December, it will take a bit longer due to wedding season. Weddings images take much longer.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order? A: Your order will arrive 7 to 14 business days from the day you placed it.

Q: Can we make our own prints with the disc we get from you?  A: Absolutely! I’ll will even give you my Printing Guide to get the best images possible along with a Copyright Release for no problem printing.

Q: I love your style, but do you ever take more traditional images? Do you take those basic traditional shots at my wedding? A: Yes, I do. I just don't promote my traditional work on my site.

Q: Can we put pictures on Facebook? A: Yes, I include a set of low-resolution images that are perfect for email and Facebook. Just please do not take screenshots and steal images. :)

Q: Do we have to order an album now or can we do it later? A: Now is good, later is also good!

Q: Do you accept debit and credit cards? A: Yes, I sure do, and accept monthly payments as well.

Q: Let’s do this! We would love to hire you...what do I do next? A: Please fill out this Contact Form.

xoxo, Jamie

What to Expect During Your Portrait Session

What to Expect in a Session

To begin with, we need to set a date. Once that is set, I will email you and ask a few questions about what you are looking for in your photographs. Such questions might include: Do you want a natural feel, like in a meadow for a location? Do you want a more urban feel, (as urban as you can get in Redding) like downtown Redding? Do you want family portraits and if so how many children do you have and ages? Just the basics so that I can start to plan and give you what you want in your portraits.

Then after we have decided on a location, I will scout it out and decided which lighting is best. Usually the best lighting will be an hour or so before sunset. So, I then will let you know the exact time and place of the shoot via email, as long as the time works for you.

The day of the shoot, you will be all gorgeous and I will be excitedly waiting for you. We will take a walk and start our photo shoot. My goal is to catch you interacting with your family in as natural of a way as possible. I might even ask you to do some pretty silly stuff just to get real expressions. :)

After our shoot I begin the editing of your photographs. After I have the pictures edited, I will send you an email with a password asking you to visit the Client Proofing on my site. From there you have 7 days to select which images you would like as digital images, albums, prints, and/or gallery wraps. I will supply you with an order form if you would like more than digital negatives. If you only want digital negatives I will have you select your images via the Client Proofing Slide show by clicking the “favorites” key. Then all you have to do is click the little email prompt and email me the favorites list.

What happens if it rains?

This unfortunately is something that I can not control. The first thing we can do is reschedule the session for the next date that works for both you and me. The other small possibility is to go ahead with the scheduled session and change location to the Monolith near Turtle Bay Museum. We could try to take pictures in there, since it is sheltered. Then if by any miracle it stops raining we can run out to the fields behind the Sundial Bridge. There are a few other places too that we can try if you would like a different look.

What to Wear to a Photo Session?

To begin, the most import thing to talk about would be NOT what to wear. Lots of black, white, crazy busy patterns, shirts with big logo’s or print on them. You will want to coordinate with your family, but not be too matchy matchy.

Things that work great for a photo session would be solid complimentary colors that work nicely together and layer your clothes for added interest. I have found this great site here that can be of great assistance when trying to find a color theme that will express the look you are wanting in your photos. This also can give you an idea of what colors work well with each other, you might be surprised by some of the combinations.

Also, layer your clothes, this can add a lot of depth to your photographs. Here is a great source I found that might help give you a idea for an outfit. On the left side of this site there are “explore different looks” to choose from. Then if you know you want to wear jeans and a scarf you can look at the “explore tags” on the left side of the site as well. The “explore tags” gives you looks that specifically have scarfs in them,or jeans, or whatever you want. I think this site is pretty cool, wish I would of found it years ago!

Adding things like scarfs, vests, jackets, jewelry (multiple necklaces are good too) bracelets, cute shoes, hats, sunglasses, flower head bands, hair accessories, anything that you like can add a lot of fun to your photograph. It never hurts to bring it and you can always take off the extra accessories if it feels like to much. Even if you want to bring a neat umbrella, balloons (solid ones that go with your outfit), instrument, purses, suit cases, pretty much anything you want.

The picture above is a picture from a session where their clothing really stood out and helped make the picture more interesting. They have boots, dresses that were similar, but not the same in complimentary colors. They wore lots of jewelry which added a lot of interest.

Hopefully this helps a little with your decision on what to wear and expect, and of course do what you want, this is your photo shoot. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your interest in my site and photography.


Jamie Solorio


In my spare time, which there is not a ton of, I like to create helpful blog posts about other creatives in our town. Please take a second to look at some of their work.

xoxo, Jamie