{Josh & Meghan) TBS Ranch of Palo Cedro, California

This wedding was truley rustic and a absolute blast to photograph! The bride was full of energy, always with a bright smile...matching her dads! The groom was a more reserved police officer that also had big smiles all day. The wedding venue was the beautiful TBS Ranch of Palo Cedro. These grounds are simply beautiful, and so well manucured. The wedding coordinator was Gwen Edwardson and she really outdid herself with all the personal touches for Josh and Meghan. There were horses, dogs, guns, fun people, gorgeous flowers, an oyster bar, and not one missed detail. Did I mention GUNS? Lots of guns! lol! There must be something about people in tuxes and fancy dresses pointing weapons at me? lol! Being that they are trained professionals, did help a bit!

Their wedding and reception was so beautiful and full of such emotion. Meghan is such a sweet person who even shared her Father-Daughter Dance with her cousin who had lost her own father recently, and was uanble to dance with her dad, so had that dance with Meghan's dad. Somebody who is so considerate and loving is my favorite type of person to take pictures of, their inner beauty always shines through.

Thank you Josh and Meghan for a fun filled day! Your wedding was gorgeous on every level!

xoxo, Jamie