Wedding in the Park {James & Ashley}

This wedding was such an exeperience for me! I had met this couple at the gym and heard they had just gotten engaged! I had just started playing around with my new digital camera and thought this could be a great opportunity for me to practice on some people other than my two beautiful daughters and husband. So, I asked James and Ashley if I could take their engagement pictures for strings attached, just to practice on a super good looking couple. To my surprise they said, "yes!"

After the session was all said and done, they asked if I could shoot their wedding for them. I told them that I was no where near ready, but that I would 2nd shoot the wedding for free. A second shooter is not the photographer in charge, 2nd shooters are responsible for just capturing those moments in between the poses the primary photographer sets up. They said sure and found a different photographer to be in charge of shooting for the day, and I could second...this was perfect for me, no pressure and an awesome experience.

The day of the wedding I get a call from Ashley who was already at the Mac counter having her makeup done by Chelsea Weld...who is amazing and I have her listed on my resourses page. Anyhow, her wedding photographer had come down with the flu and she no longer had a photographer to shoot the day. Holy cow, my stomach felt sour immediately. I knew I had to come take her wedding day pictures myself and had zero preparation as the lead photographer, no flash equipment, or experience for that matter! She loved the idea and there I was out the door to take her wedding day portraits.

So, having said all of that, this was a great learning experience for me and the pictures turned out beautiful! How could it not with such a gorgeous couple who were, and still are, deeply in love with each other. The wedding was held at Cascade Park of Redding, CA and was perfect! There were swords, little girls with white dresses, great food, a live performance by the bride during the ceremony, Nathan Edwardson of The Stirring was the pastor, and how could I foget the dancing! Lots of Zumba and fun!

This wedding was shot with just a D90, a 50mm 1.8 (only a $100 lens) and a kit zoom lens. No flash, no backup camera body, no full frame, no assistant, just me freestyl'n. It was a far cry from the hyper-organized equipement-laden team that I bring to weddings now.

Thank you James and Ashley for giving me the gentle push I needed to really get out there and be uncomfortable, which leads to growth!

xoxo, Jamie