{Quentin & Melissa} Mt. Shasta Golf Resort

A Mt. Shasta Golf Course Wedding in Mt. Shasta, California. What a gorgeous outdoor wedding! I met Melissa and Quentin by offering a free engagement session back when I first started to develop my photograhy business. After the free session, she and Q asked if I would photograph their wedding. I was super nervous since I had only shot one other wedding, and I only did that because the bride did not have a photographer the day of her wedding...the photographer and gotten the flu. Anyhow, Melissa was so sweet and said that she wanted me regardless of me not being experienced with wedding photography and was willing to pay me! I was so nervous, but went ahead and had a blast!

This album was my first album and I designed it myself. Hence the cheesy lines I put on the website to show you where the album spine is. One day I will re-do their album and post it for a more professional look...no lines! {their album looked great in print, no lines...an actual spine! lol!}

Anyhow, the day started with Melissa getting her make up done by a very talented make up artist by the name of {need to get and link}. The girls were so fun to shoot, they even let me put Melissa out on a pretty busy road to get a fun shot! Yes, we did have to try it like 5 or 6 times, those darn cars!

The ceremony was beautiful and very touching. One of my favorite parts was the way she just gazed up at Q, total bliss and love! Later the reception was off the hook! Lazer beams, loud music, drinks, fun dancers, and lots of smiles!

Thank you Quentin and Melissa for letting me be party of your amazing day!

xoxo, Jamie