Wedding Photographer of Redding, CA Jamie Solorio Portfolio

Thank you for taking a stop by to visit my wedding photography portfolio. Most of the weddings you will see have been taken in or near Redding, California. Having said that, I am ALWAYS willing to travel and would LOVE to!

If you are taking the time to read this, I want you to know that I love love love being there for your wedding day. I love getting all those details, like your hair being done, make up, perfume you used, the gifts you bought your bridesmaids, everything I see! Especially those moments, like a father brushing away his tear, the moment before you walk down the aisle, his first look at you, and many more. Another perk is getting to watch all the different emotions through out the wedding day, from excitement to tears of joy.

I like to shoot with a talented second shooter and usually have an assistant with me. We will work the entire day at a fast pace, and try to stay as much out of the way as possible. Your wedding day coverage is tremendously important to me and my team. Your wedding day is something you will look back on time to time for the rest of your life, and I want you to remember even the most minute details.

If you like the work you see and are looking for a hard-working easy-going photographer and crew that can go along with most anything...we are your girls. The brides I tend to attract are always chill and easy going, which is my favorite! You wouldn't want to work with a crazed person, so no bridezillas for me...thank you, but no thank you. :)

I will guide you before your wedding with any questions you might have, this is your first wedding most likely...but not mine! I love to work with a wedding coordiantor and you will too! If you need a referral, please let me know or check out my resourses page for more information. {Gwen Edwardson is PERFECT!}

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to CONTACT ME! If we do get to work together, I can't wait to meet you! If not, I hope your wedding day will be perfect and I hope the very best for you and your fiance!

xoxo, Jamie